Dried Notch Jaw Dried Mudfish Dried Minnow Dried Bitterling Dried Bleeker Dried Yellow Fin Sculpin Dried Cero Dried Sea Eel Dried Croaker Dried Greenling Dried Flatfish Dried Grunt Dried Herring Dried Sardine Dried Round Herring Dried Silver Stripe Round Herring Dried Whiting Dried Dolphinfish Dried Striped Catfish Dried Gunnel Dried Golden-Thread Dried Nibbler Dried Siganid Dried Bluefish Dried Surfperch Dried Blackfin Sweeper Dried Smokey Chromis Dried Maomao Dried Pintado Dried Gurnard Dried John Dory Dried Sandfish Dried Rosefish Dried Grouper Dried Bigeye Dried Fourfinger Threadfin Dried Leather Carp Dried Striped Shiner Dried Steed Dried Soho Bitterling Dried Bubble Eye Dried Pacu Dried Yellow-Head Catfish Dried Smelt Dried Rosy Bitterling Dried Roundtail Paradisefish Dried Grayling Dried Tapertail Anchovy Dried Kuhlia Marginata Dried Rock Hind Dried Butterflyfish Dried Clownfish Dried Blue Tang Dried Checkerboard Wrasse Dried Pomfret Dried Moray Dried Tilefish Dried Porcupine Fish Dried Tongue Sole Dried Atka Mackerel Dried Cuttlefish Dried Mackerel Pike Dried Horn Fish Dried Dollarfish Dried Sandeel Salt Sugar White Sauce Red Sauce Leavening Agent Dressing Cooking Oil Sun-Dried Salt Raw Sugar Olive Oil Deep Frying Oil Cooking Wine Base Sauce Essence of Liquor Mineral Water Cream Cheese Butter Egg Milk Vinegar Fruit Wine Pickled Vegetables Cheese Gratin Aloe Yogurt Aloe Cookie Honey Wine Sute Tea Fish Fillet Chip Assorted Side Dishes High-Quality Carrot Juice Special Carrot Juice Beer Teff Bread Freekeh Snake Stew Fig Pie Pistachio Fried Rice Teff Sandwich Date Palm Wine Couscous Stir-Fried Vegetables Grain Soup Fried Vegetables Fruit Juice Fruit and Vegetable Salad Fruit Pudding Soft Bread Oatmeal Exotic Herbal Wine Milk Tea Fruit Pie Meat Pie Beehive Cookie Ham Sandwich Cheese Pie Omelet Tea With Fine Scent Crispy Fried Vegetables High-Quality Cheese Pie Special Fruit Pudding Special Grain Soup Refined Oatmeal Smooth Milk Tea Thick Fruit Juice Full-bodied Exotic Herbal Wine Luscious Fruit Wine Sweet and Sour Pickled Vegetable Chewy Cheese Gratin Cool Draft Beer Crispy Stir-Fried Vegetables Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Salad Moist Milk Bread Sweet Fruit Pie Plain Meat Pie Crispy Beehive Cookie High-Quality Ham Sandwich Soft Omelet Tea with Strong Scent Thick Aloe Yogurt Sweet Aloe Cookie Tangy Honey Wine Healthy Sute Tea Mouth-watering Fish Fillet Chip Plentiful Assorted Side Dishes