Strength Supplement for QA Stamina Supplement for QA [Event] Returning Adventurer Box I [Event] Returning Adventurer Box II Elixir of Will for QA Elixir of Resistance for QA Super Worker for QA (Valencia City) Worker for QA: Time (Valencia City) Worker for QA: Luck (Valencia City) Super Worker for QA (Sand Grain Bazaar) Worker for QA: Time (Sand Grain Bazaar) Worker for QA: Luck (Sand Grain Bazaar) QA Super Worker (Arehaza) QA Super Worker: Time (Arehaza) QA Super Worker: Luck (Arehaza) GM Buff (Attack/Casting Speed +6) GM Buff (MAX HP & MP +100) GM Buff (Movement Speed +5 & Energy Recovery +2) GM Buff (Skill EXP & Combat EXP +20%) All of Me [Basic] Increase Strength +1 [Basic] Increase Strength +2 [Basic] Increase Strength +3 [Basic] Increase Strength +4 [Hero] +1 [Hero] +2 [Hero] +3 [Hero] +4 [Hero] Instant HP Recovery Potion X [Hero] Instant HP Recovery Potion O [Hero] HP Regeneration Potion O [Hero] HP Regeneration Potion X [Dev] Weight Limit 1000LT [Dev] Inventory +80 [Dev] Breath Lv. 30 [Dev] Strength Lv. 30 [Dev] Health Lv. 30 [Dev] Stormtrooper [Dev] Special Force Commander [Dev] Ultimate Weapon GM Shoes QA Lakiaro Hoe Young Thracia I Young Thracia II Young Thracia III Young Thracia IV Young Thracia V Young Thracia VI Young Thracia VII Young Thracia VIII Young Thracia IX Young Thracia X Superb Thracia II Superb Thracia III Superb Thracia IV Superb Thracia V Superb Thracia VI Superb Thracia VII Superb Thracia VIII Superb Thracia IX Superb Thracia X Superb Thracia O High-Quality Thracia I [Event] Lahr Arcien Weapon & Outfit Box (7 Days) [Event] Karlstein Weapon & Outfit Box (7 Days) [Event] Splat Fisher's Clothes Set (7 Days) [Event] Venia Riding Attire Box (7 Days) Horse Emblem for Adventurers (Tier 5) Box Horse Emblem: White-Mane Black & White Spotted Horse Box [Event] Karlstein Horse Set (7 Days) Golden Puppy Statue [Event] Mince Pie [Event] New Year’s Meal Box Boss Defense Gear Box [Event] Moonlight Shard [Event] Flamboyant Feather Decor [Event] Bombastic Festival Box [Event] Sweet Gift Letter [Event] Sweet Gift [Event] Sweet Chest [Event] Sweet Reply [Event] Dumpling [Event] Huoguo [Event] Fish Meal [Event] Chicken Meal Large Spirit's Energy [Simple Cooking] Cacao Powder [Event] Cacao [Event] Cacao Chocolate Rulupee's Flag: Sherekhan's Grave Rulupee's Flag: Duvencrune Mountain Rulupee's Flag: Night Crow Post [Event] Three-Leaf Clover [Event] Four-Leaf Clover [Event] Six-Leaf Clover [Event] Auspicious Box [Event] Three-Leaf Clover [Event] Four-Leaf Clover [Event] Six-Leaf Clover [Event] Auspicious Box [Event] Drieghan Seal [Event] Drieghan Military Supply Box I [Event] Drieghan Military Supply Box II [Event] Sweet King Candy [Event] New Adventurer Travel Kit [Event] Lv.11 Travel Kit [Event] Lv. 20 Travel Kit [Event] Lv. 30 Travel Kit [Event] Lv.35 Travel Kit [Event] Lv.40 Travel Kit [Event] Lv.45 Travel Kit [Event] Lv.50 Travel Kit [Event] Lv.53 Travel Kit [Event] Lv.55 Travel Kit [Event] Lv.56 Travel Kit