Jamo's Letter of Reference Reunion at Last Legendary Blacksmith Stolen Document Giant’s Lightstone Protect the Ancient Fissure The Bautt Protection Forge War Harder with Platinum Trouble at the Helm Tribe Mine Valencian Mission Visit Prince's Request for Asylum Surveying the Excavation Site Descendant of Giants Ancient Giant Ruins Dark Chaser Grim Energy Another Chaser Mediah Cultist’s Whereabouts Elric Monastery Report Canyon of Corruption The Spirit of the Cultists [Secret Letter] Dark Chaser’s Instructions [Co-op] Stop Illezra's Plot Kamasilve's Purified Ritual A Descendant of the Ancients The Truth About the Black Energy Embodiment of Black Energy [Co-op] Awakened Black Spirit Welcome to Altinova! Look Around Shen Merchants Guild Blacksmith Mediah Merchants Guild Chairman An Odd Barbarian Painting With No Normal Brush Lack of Art Appreciation A Person Who Always Leaves Food Who on Earth...? Who Brought the Fruit Basket? His Hidden Reason A Mother’s Story Letter From Her How to Survive in a Lawless Area Refugee Camp Request Rescue the Leaders from the Abandoned Iron Mine Meet the Spy Guard the Abandoned Iron Mine Destroy Excavators at the Abandoned Iron Mine Kusha Pioneer Adam Berney the Pioneer Chakra's Problem The Secret of Silk Thread Another Threat Continuous Threat Weikid Taha's Problem Kusha Cook Finding Fresh Spiders Stone Crab Delicacy Soft Roasted Cheetah Dragon Ribs The Best Ingredients Illen Raige's Problem Illen's Heart Helping Illen Raige Mysterious Solvent The Extractor’s Power Spiderweb of Love What She Didn’t Know Between Hearts The Chief’s Call I Hate Spiders! I Hate Worms! Symbol of Wealth A Monster From Dreams Killing Stone Crabs Crab Eyes The Chief’s Request The Wasteland Marauder's Identity Stop Stone Crab Reproduction Good Party Tonic Children Who Want to Float I Want Some Bear Blood... A Mysterious Elixir of Love Elixir of Amity Production Befriending the Rhutum Alchemist The Oil that Saved Yisar Pjetyo Make Elixir of Frenzy Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #1 Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #2 Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #3 Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #4 For the Apprentice Sorcerers Secret Transaction Sudden Spell Secret of the Naderr Frame The Daily Life of Apprentice Sorcerers Thank You, Teacher The Training of Apprentice Sorcerers Training Against Manes Just in Case... A Concerned Mind Return to Allan Serbin A Deer in Love Got an Apple? W... Wait! Fool’s Request Fool's Hope Ornamental Sword Hidden in the Ruins Still Water on the Mountain Soldier's Grave A Trace of Frenzy The One Who Controls Death A Miserable Death Traces of The Mediah Royal Family Report to Allan Serbin The Missing Wagon A Matter of Provocation Getting Back Munitions Wandering Rogue Symbols What Can’t Be Ignored Something for the Report So Tiresome Report to Captain Sarma The Mane Problem The Manes’ Idol Warriors and Archers Great Big Giant Manes Knowing the Manes The Worst Manes For a Friend’s Concentration Armadillo Shield Where’s the Wagon? Unbelievable Experiment Material The Manes’ Symbol It's About Time... This is Urgent Awkward Request For a Cleaner Sea Calming Elixir Urgent Ingredient Request I Want a Student! Now Hiring a Talented Cook Feed for a Loving Family Because I'm Worth It Duel! King of Fishing Bitter Aloe The Special Taste of Aloe Yogurt Aloe Cookies Go with Yogurt A Beauty's Tastes