Desert Fogan Seer's Ball Desert Fogan's Food Loot Fogan Extermination Aal! Please Let Our Pilgrimage Be Safe... Wacky Totem Manure Delivery Delivering the Miscellany from the Oasis Box Full of Water Bottles Box of Figs Iron Material for Carriage Repair Mediahn Coal Cart Drive Carpet in the Water Balm Cart Drive Weapon Bundle Delivery Requesting a Repair for Broken Items Light Illuminating the Bazaar Trace of Ati Danas Kanadja Mos Ati Danas of Capotia Ancient Aal's Altar Memories of Rune Gateway Fork Why There's an Oasis in Shakatu Legend of the Iris Canyon Traditional Ritual for Abundance and Rain The Royal Palace of Valencia Dangerous Parasite Bats Outside the Cave Arehaza Town 야자숲 소년 I 야자숲 소년 II 야자숲 소년 III 야자숲 소년 IV 야자숲 소년 V 야자숲 소년 VI 야자숲 소년 VII 야자숲 소년 VIII 야자숲 소년 IX 야자숲 소년 X 야자숲 소년 XI 야자숲 소년 XII 사막 나가와 사막 포건 Beyond Adventure 모험심만으론... 발렌시아 성소 지도 발렌시아 오아시스 지도 진정한 모험이란 두려움을 이기는 건 목표 Where Is Botul? He Said Something about Northern Sand Dune Just a Sip of Water, Please... Please Find My Camel Finders Keepers Accidently Sold Camel Leave the Rest to My Friend Sighing Yasum Helping Hand 사소한 내기 누구 말이 맞는 건지 Palm Tree Ring Boat Whistle at the Pier What Votudig Is Waiting For Lonely Sail 무기는 무기답게! 갑옷은 갑옷답게! 더욱 견고하게 Graule's Dilemma 흐름에 따라 모든 것은 변한다. Special Wine of Arehaza 이국의 칵테일 전문가 코코넛 칵테일 재료 I 코코넛 칵테일 재료 II 코코넛 칵테일 제조 코코넛 칵테일 시음회 Sankamu's Secret Recipe Sankamu's Coconut Fried Fish Buroma's Recommendation Coconut Pasta Arehaza Special Aggressive Bird Clearing Trails in the Palm Forest I'm Not Scolding 5 Reasons You Should Use Palm Timber Prince's Nanny Prince No Appetite Mediahn Imperial Meal No Free Stuff Imperial Cooking Ingredient #1 Imperial Cooking Ingredient #2 Mediahn Imperial Meal Is Ready! True Intention of the Prince A Letter to a Friend No Free Stuff for Chenana An Answer from an Old Friend Tears of a Fallen Prince From Prince to Prince Call of Katan's Duty Call of Katan's Duty Desert Survival Preparation Hope Scooped Up from Sand How to Gain Clear Water in Desert Body-Warming Tea Gigantic Rough Gemstone A Special Request Oh! My Prince Seek, and Ye Shall Find Youthful Blue Eyelash of a Newborn Camel Tree Glowing in Red Energy of Pure Metal Costly Information Fugitive from the Gang Steal from the Bandit Boss! Ultimate Alchemy Tenacious Arenda To the Original Form Good News to Old Friend Peaceful Oasis Over the Sand Hills What a Desert Sufferer Needs Conspiracy of the Lavania League Marzana the Red Viper Knowledge Required for Conversation Proof of Faith #1 Proof of Faith #2 Secret Letter to the Royal Court Conflict Between the Two Merchant Leagues Identity of the Assassin Fall of the Oberin League Truth Never Sinks Delivery to Little Sister Centaur's Treasure Chest Reason to Live The Unusual Scar Can't Go Back Like This Studying Objects Sufferers at the Canyon Something Glittering and Precious News of Her Survival Evidence of Bravery Threats from Within Nutritious Meat Secret Mission of the Shroud Knights Bolero's Secret Mission #2 Result of the Mission Serenade's Secret Mission #2 Waltz's Secret Mission #2 Minuette's Secret Mission #1 Desert Naga Extermination