I'm Doomed! [CO-OP] Blade of Revenge Merchants in Danger Request for Reinforcement [CO-OP] Investigation Support [CO-OP] Volunteer for the Extermination Agitated Spirits [CO-OP] Caduil Forest Poacher Back to the Forest.. [CO-OP] Qualities of a Hunter [CO-OP] Rarity Equals Higher Price Hunter Drenched in Blood Have you seen my Ferrina? Medicine for Ferrica A Lost Book Preparation for Deployment Coal from Afar [CO-OP] Head of an Eagle, Body of a Tiger [CO-OP] Hungry Devourers [CO-OP] The Feathered Wolves [CO-OP] Two Eyes Sparkling in the Darkness [CO-OP] My Mission Is...! [CO-OP] Still Not Enough! [CO-OP] Better than Nothing [CO-OP] Good, it’s them! [CO-OP] His Size Is All He’s Got... [CO-OP] Big, But Easy Game Courtesy to Manshaum Warriors [CO-OP] Unpleasant Happenings [CO-OP] For What Reason Did This Death Happen? [CO-OP] What They Want [CO-OP] An Eye for an Eye [Repeat] Unwincing Tenacity [Repeat] Struggle for the Forest Masterpiece of a Lifetime Spirit Saplings Grow With Devotion. Pride of Foretta Cabin Wagon to the Castle Shai Strolling along the Ridge Experience You Can’t Buy with Money [CO-OP] No! My Research Journals! [CO-OP] Unrecovered Journals Revivify Knowledge [Repeat] The Most Beautiful Feather [Repeat] Smothered in Black Oil [Repeat] Symbol of Valor The Unseen Ore Hidden Power Ganelle and the Blue Stone Blue Light of the Guard Tower A Hunter's Eye A Merchant’s Eye [Repeat] Intact Research Material [Repeat] Mysterious Competitor Encouraging Reinforcements [Repeat] Nutritious Meal for the Wounded [Repeat] Evidence of Someone Oily Fish Forest Angler Gem of the Valley [Repeat] Bold Investment Battered Equipment Cutting Through the Wind [CO-OP] The Right Balance [Repeat] Good Old Friends [Repeat] Good Old Friends