Sickle Training II Sickle Training III Sickle Training IV Sickle Training V Sickle Training VI Sickle Training VII Sickle Training VIII Sickle Training IX Sickle Training X Turn-back Slash I Turn-back Slash II Turn-back Slash III Sickle Block Kick while using Sickle Block Dead Hunt I Dead Hunt II Dead Hunt III Dead Hunt IV Soul Harvest Shadow Leap Flow: Rushing Crow Grim Reaper Grim Reaper's Judgment I Grim Reaper's Judgment II Grim Reaper's Judgment III Grim Reaper's Judgment IV Flow: Night Crow 어둠의 칼날 I 어둠의 칼날 II 어둠의 칼날 III Flow: Cry of Darkness Violation I Violation the Dead II Violation the Dead III Nightmare Flow: Requiem Cartian's Nightmare I Cartian's Nightmare II Cartian's Nightmare III Cartian's Nightmare IV Flow: Revived Nightmare Awakening: Tantu's Iron Buster Buster Training I Buster Training II Buster Training III Buster Training IV Buster Training V Buster Training VI Buster Training VII Buster Training VIII Buster Training IX Buster Training X Blasting I Blasting II Blasting III Blasting IV Ground Lifting I Ground Lifting II Ground Lifting III Devastation I Devastation II Devastation III Devastation IV Giant Leap I Giant Leap II Giant Leap III Titan Blow I Titan Blow II Titan Blow III Titan Blow IV Flame Buster I Flame Buster II Flame Buster III 거신병 Titan Step Flow: Slugfest Rooting Flow: General Disarray Flow: Earth Dividing Flow: Jump Sequence Flow: Ancient Wave Flow: Shooting Mobility Flow: Split Shot Flow: Ancient Power Awakening: Evanir's Elven Sword Guardian Wailing Wind I Wailing Wind II Wailing Wind III Wailing Wind IV Flow: Tempest Elven Sword Training I Elven Sword Training II Elven Sword Training III Elven Sword Training IV Elven Sword Training V Elven Sword Training VI Elven Sword Training VII Elven Sword Training VIII Elven Sword Training IX Elven Sword Training X Spirit's Shackles Flow: Spirit's Shackles Wind Step Cold Blade I Cold Blade II Cold Blade III Cold Blade IV Elven Rage I Elven Rage II Elven Rage III Elven Rage IV Parting Wind I Parting Wind II Parting Wind III Spin I Spin II Spin III Parting Sky Ohwa Fierce Slash I Ohwa Fierce Slash II Ohwa Fierce Slash III Flow: Parting Wind Flow: Air Shot Flow: Focused Wind Shot Flow: Elven Rage Flow: Ohwa Fierce Slash Legendary Beast’s Power Summon Heilang Silfiad Silfiad Silfiad Silfiad Silfiad Silfiad Silfiad Silfiad Silfiad Silfiad Bonfire Aggro Increase 10% Barricade Aggro Increase 50% Servant of Darkness Spellbound Heart MP Recovery Magic Lighthouse Aggro Gain Dark Blade Hit Blade of Darkness Explosion Hell's Gate of Cartian's Guardian Flame Buster Black Spirit Grenade Pet: Looting Level 1