Feelers Make Great Medicines Stolen Supplies Craft Medical Kit Curing Someone Enemy of Peace Destroy Homes The One who does Extreme Training To Ash Forest Encroached Senses The Meaning of Training Ascetic Watcher Authentic Training Eternal Rest Pure Warrior's Will [Repeat] Supplying Acher Gear [Repeat] New Cleaning Tool [Wagon] Capricious Merindora [Wagon] Capricious Merindora [Wagon] Capricious Merindora [Wagon] Capricious Merindora [Wagon] Capricious Merindora [Wagon] Flondor Goose Spirit [Wagon] Flondor Goose Spirit [Wagon] Flondor Goose Spirit [Wagon] Flondor Goose Spirit [Wagon] Flondor Goose Spirit Unsung Hero Record of the Moon's Darkness Breaking the Seal Bright Blue Light Forbidden Name Record of the Sun’s Brightness Kamasylvia Saint’s Secret Children of the Sun and Moon Branch of Kamasylve Leader of the Ahib [Boss Subjugation] Watcher of Mirumok Ruins Visitor from Florin Become a Lemoria Quartermaster Old Wisdom Tree [Supply] Energizing Cuppa [Supply] Energizing Meal [Supply] Energizing Dried Fish The Shai Rescued from the Navarn Steppe Lemoria Beacon Towers Stella's Alchemy Journal Lake Flondor Sampling Kamasylvia Nature Yianaros’s Field Towards the place with mysterious presence Lonamin’s Signal Yianaros the Spirit Legendary Herb Valentine’s Reward [Repeat]Forest Ronaros Feather [Repeat]Using Spirit Stone Fragment [Repeat] Raging Guardian of the Forest [Repeat] Stubborn Fadus [Repeat] Defeat the Boss [Repeat] Full-Scale War Guardian of Kamasylve Spirit's Beloved The Far and Distant Protector's Road How to Grow Young Kamasylve We Need a Special Pot Everything's Ready Kamasylve's Choice Kamasylve Branch Blessings for Young Kamasylve I'm Doomed! [CO-OP] Blade of Revenge Merchants in Danger Request for Reinforcement [CO-OP] Investigation Support [CO-OP] Volunteer for the Extermination Agitated Spirits [CO-OP] Caduil Forest Poacher Back to the Forest.. [CO-OP] Qualities of a Hunter [CO-OP] Rarity Equals Higher Price Hunter Drenched in Blood Have you seen my Ferrina? Medicine for Ferrica A Lost Book Preparation for Deployment Coal from Afar [CO-OP] Head of an Eagle, Body of a Tiger [CO-OP] Hungry Devourers [CO-OP] The Feathered Wolves [CO-OP] Two Eyes Sparkling in the Darkness [CO-OP] My Mission Is...! [CO-OP] Still Not Enough! [CO-OP] Better than Nothing [CO-OP] Good, it’s them! [CO-OP] His Size Is All He’s Got... [CO-OP] Big, But Easy Game Courtesy to Manshaum Warriors [CO-OP] Unpleasant Happenings [CO-OP] For What Reason Did This Death Happen? [CO-OP] What They Want [CO-OP] An Eye for an Eye [Repeat] Unwincing Tenacity [Repeat] Struggle for the Forest Masterpiece of a Lifetime Spirit Saplings Grow With Devotion. Pride of Foretta Cabin Wagon to the Castle Shai Strolling along the Ridge Experience You Can’t Buy with Money [CO-OP] No! My Research Journals! [CO-OP] Unrecovered Journals Revivify Knowledge [Repeat] The Most Beautiful Feather [Repeat] Smothered in Black Oil [Repeat] Symbol of Valor The Unseen Ore Hidden Power Ganelle and the Blue Stone Blue Light of the Guard Tower A Hunter's Eye A Merchant’s Eye [Repeat] Intact Research Material [Repeat] Mysterious Competitor Encouraging Reinforcements [Repeat] Nutritious Meal for the Wounded [Repeat] Evidence of Someone Oily Fish Forest Angler Gem of the Valley [Repeat] Bold Investment Battered Equipment Cutting Through the Wind [CO-OP] The Right Balance [Repeat] Good Old Friends [Repeat] Good Old Friends Traces of Another Civilization, Gyfin Rhasia Weird Ruins Fragment of Civilization The City where the sun does not rise Bronze Fragment Carved with a Tree-image A Pact Mystery Being Solved