Witch’s Trace Tett Gorr QUESTNPC Edward Arne Marg Trace of Arne Tiu’s Research Note Gigantic Furnace Faceless Vedir Vedir Old Moon Navigation King Clam Hammering Board Black Spirit's Treasure Chest Cart with Feed Oak Barrel Transparent Mediah Kamasylve Investigate Shining Pieces of Glass and Transparent Empty Cart Cart Full of Wood Empty Cart Old Moon Guide Gueldia Old Moon Guide Tale of the Crimson Dragon Seiri's Alchemy Tool Horse Imp Captain Attack Tower Imp Captain Defense Tower Villager's Corpse Al Rhundi's Hawk Fallen Harpy Market Price Fixer Asserted Merchant Marzana's Spy Marzana's Book Atui Balacs Katan Soldier Glittering Stuff Arenda's Book Nasrin's Food Marvelous Dust Elephant Observatory Fish Crate Cart Full of Wood Cursed Animal Curse-free Prince Curse-free Princess Desert Traveler Katan Supply Box Cursed Halidom of the Lord of Cron Lazy Worker Katan Recruit Daheej Telescope Chubby Sheep Wicked Soldier Moonlit Lily of the Valley Sunrise Herb at the Ruins Emma Bartali Old Book from Cron Castle Artifacts of Old Cron Castle Grudged Soul of the Late Ruler of Cron Ancient Mobility Device Desert Grave Robbing Object_1 Desert Grave Robbing Object_2 Desert Grave Robbing Object_3 Desert Grave Robbing Object_4 Desert Grave Robbing Object_5 Desert Grave Robbing Object_6 Desert Grave Robbing Object_7 Desert Grave Robbing Object_8 Desert Grave Robbing Object_9 Desert Grave Robbing Object_10 Desert Grave Robbing Object_11 Transparent Zobadi Exploration Points Fugitive Zobadi Art of Sword for Ranger Xian League Account Book Golden Treasure Chest Theopany of King Heilang Daru Geomudal Life Goose Egg Star Pattern Goose Egg Raindrop Goose Egg Rainbow Goose Egg Black Spirit Goose Egg Venslar Young Miniature Elephant Temporary Elephant Nursery Forward Supply Depot Will of the the Crescent Petal Desire of the Crescent Petal Golden Treasure Chest Sunken Debris Sunken Mystery Box Sunken Ruins Underwater Lantern Prisoner 8897-496 Golden Treasure Chest Villager Golden Treasure Chest Ruins Tool Margoria Lost Item Furious Sea Spirit Fragment Treasure Ship Dream Horse Arduanatt Foruan Krogdalo Legend Balenos Lucky Bag Serendia Lucky Bag Calpheon Lucky Bag Mediah Lucky Bag Valencia Lucky Bag Lonely Kid Lonely Kid Lonely Kid Lonely Kid Lonely Kid Candidate for Popularity Vote Wheelbarrow Full of Minerals Golden Goose Egg Flondor Goose Mirumok Watcher Offin Collapsed Body Small Garnier Firecracker Young Kamasylve Tree Grown Kamasylve Tree Young Arduanatt Kamasylve Priestess Training Trail Lost Ghost Ship Growling Box Captain Moguly Diving Board Beacon Tower Giorio Rose