All AP Increase Lv.3 All AP Increase Lv.4 All DP Increase Lv.1 All DP Increase Lv.3 All DP Increase Lv.4 All DP Increase Lv.5 All Accuracy Increase Lv.2 All Accuracy Increase Lv.3 All Accuracy Increase Lv.4 All Evasion Increase Lv.1 All Evasion Increase Lv.2 All Evasion Increase Lv.4 All Evasion Increase Lv.5 Additional Damage to Demihumans Lv.1 Additional Damage to Demihumans Lv.3 Additional Damage to Demihumans Lv.4 Additional Damage to Demihumans Lv.5 Ranged Attack Power Increase Lv.2 Ranged Attack Power Increase Lv.4 Ranged Attack Power Increase Lv.5 Ranged Accuracy Increase Lv.1 Ranged Accuracy Increase Lv.2 Ranged Accuracy Increase Lv.3 Ranged Accuracy Increase Lv.4 Ranged Accuracy Increase Lv.5 Ranged Evasion Increase Lv.2 Ranged Evasion Increase Lv.3 Ranged Evasion Increase Lv.4 Ranged Evasion Increase Lv.5 Energy Recovery Lv.2 Energy Recovery Lv.3 Energy Recovery Lv.4 Energy Recovery Lv.5 Additional Damage to Humans Lv.1 Additional Damage to Humans Lv.3 Additional Damage to Humans Lv.4 Additional Damage to Humans Lv.5 Gathering Speed Level Increase Lv.1 Max HP Increase Lv.6 Max HP Increase Lv.7 Max HP Increase Lv.8 Max MP Increase Lv.5 Max MP Increase Lv.6 Weight Limit Increase Lv.1 Weight Limit Increase Lv.2 Weight Limit Increase Lv.3 Weight Limit Increase Lv.4 Weight Limit Increase Lv.5 Max HP Increase Lv.9 Max HP Increase Lv.10 Max MP Increase Lv.7 Max MP Increase Lv.8 Gathering Speed Level Increase Lv.2 Gathering Speed Level Increase Lv.3 Gathering Speed Level Increase Lv.4 Gathering Speed Level Increase Lv.5 Luck Level Increase Lv.2 Luck Level Increase Lv.3 Luck Level Increase Lv.4 Luck Level Increase Lv.5 Critical Hit Level Increase Lv.2 Critical Hit Level Increase Lv.3 Critical Hit Level Increase Lv.4 Critical Hit Level Increase Lv.5 Fishing Level Increase Lv.2 Fishing Level Increase Lv.3 Fishing Level Increase Lv.4 Fishing Level Increase Lv.5 Attack Speed Level Increase Lv.2 Attack Speed Level Increase Lv.3 Attack Speed Level Increase Lv.4 Attack Speed Level Increase Lv.5 Movement Speed Level Increase Lv.2 Movement Speed Level Increase Lv.3 Movement Speed Level Increase Lv.4 Movement Speed Level Increase Lv.5 Ship Test [Villa] Energy Recovery +1 [Villa] Amity Gain +10% [Villa] Combat EXP +10% [Villa] Skill EXP +10% [Villa] Life EXP +10% [Villa] Desert Adaptability +40% [Villa] Attack +10 [Villa] Defense +10 [Villa] MAX HP +10 [Villa] Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +10 [Villa] Knockdown/Bounce Resistance +10% [Villa] Grapple Resistance +10% [Villa] Knockback/Floating Resistance +10% [Villa] Nullifying Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +5% [Villa] Nullifying Knockdown/Bounce Resistance +5% [Villa] Nullifying Grapple Resistance +5% [Villa] Nullifying Knockback/Floating Resistance +5% [이벤트] 1주년 돌상 버프 [이벤트] 크리스마스의 선물 Stamina Level +5 [Event] Life Easter Egg [Event] Star Easter Egg [Event] Raindrop Easter Egg [Event] Rainbow Easter Egg [Event] Black Spirit Easter Egg Summon Ancient Ruins Defender Summon Pig Fruit Basket to Lure Raccoons Fish to Lure Cats Bottle of Red Soup (Start Quest) Hans Engraved Ring (Start Quest) Red Goblin Sentry Report (Start Quest) Mark of Moretti Farm (Start Quest) Ancient Design Lithograph (Start Quest) Naga Commander's Neck Ornament (Start Quest) Delphe Knights’ Insignia (Start Quest) Bandit's Dagger (Start Quest) Dragon's Guard Tower Skull Ornament (Start Quest) Khuruto Secret Order (Start Quest) Witch's Magic Amulet (Start Quest) Ferry Coupon - to Western Guard Camp A Letter from a Soldier Cooking Cauldron to Lure Protesters Silk to Attract Nobles Herb to Lure Lambs Bread to Lure a Chick Valkyrie's Treasure (Start Quest) Merchant’s Letter of Reference (Start Quest) Black Crystal in Junk Part of Frenzied Miner Energy 1 Recovery Recover 3 Energy Recover 5 Energy Summon Boss (Imp Captain) (Quest) Summon Boss (Goblin Chief) (Quest) Summon Boss (Altar Imp Captain) (Quest) Summon Boss (Fogan Chief) (Quest) Summon Boss (Monastery Boss) (Quest) Summon Boss (Harpy Boss) (Quest) Summon Boss (Troll Boss) (Quest) Summon Boss (Giant Chief) (Quest) Summon Boss (Hebetate Tree Spirit) (Quest) Summon Boss (Fear Witch) (Quest) Summon Boss (Imp Captain) Summon Boss (Goblin Chief) Summon Boss (Altar Imp Captain) Summon Boss (Fogan Chief) Summon Boss (Monastery Boss) Summon Boss (Harpy Boss) Summon Boss (Troll Boss) Summon Boss (Giant Chief) Summon Boss (Hebetate Tree Spirit)