Bombardier Scarecrow Nouver Kzarka, The Lord of Corruption Nouver Prog. Team Test Ocean Crash Test Fish Test for Terminate Height check for attack testing Test for Stun Gauge Mutant Troll Summon Test for Stun Gauge Gazelle for Alarm Muskan for Test Parasitic Bee Grass Beetle Weasel Fox Wolf Boar Imp Soldier Imp Raider Imp Wizard Steel Imp Steel Imp Warrior Steel Imp Wizard Red Nose Balenos Bear Stoneback Crab Goblin Goblin Fighter Goblin Thrower Goblin Shaman Goblin Elite Soldier Giath Dim Tree Spirit Grass Beetle Imp Raider Steel Imp Warrior Goblin Goblin Elite Soldier Baby Boar Cron Castle Straggler Spearman Young Tree Spirit Rookie Soldier Senior Soldier Scout Operation Chief Immature Tree Spirit Mature Tree Spirit Plain Stoneback Crab Gray Fox Gray Wolf Gray Boar Spider Beetle Kuku Bird Giant Bee Barrel-Parasitic Bee Pouch-Parasitic Bee Pumpkin Ghost Scarecrow Ghost Wheat Field Lookout Swamp Hermit Crab Acid Spider Bush Spider Bulltrim Worm Poisonous Swamp Plant Thorn Tentacle Red Thorn Tentacle Black Thorn Tentacle Toxic Thorn Tentacle Moss Stoneback Crab Altar Imp Altar Imp Warrior Altar Imp Scout Altar Imp Trainer Altar Imp Fighter Altar Imp Archer Dastard Bheg Cultist Cultist Warrior Cultist Shaman Shadow Knight Shadow Wizard Shadow Priestess Mobility Unit Charger Patrol Wizard Swamp Fogan Swamp Fogan Guard Swamp Fogan Lookout Swamp Fogan Fortuneteller Swamp Fogan Egg Longtail Salamander Triangle Head Lizard Big Bush Spider Fan Flamingo Small Salamander Bison Bison Cultist Assassin Serendia Shrine Warrior Serendia Shrine Wizard Serendia Shrine Priest Kzarka, The Lord of Corruption Serendia Shrine Assassin Mountain Goat Rainbow Fox Big House-Parasitic Bee Stone Crab Orc Test Subject Mine Imp Kuku Bird Iguana Red Boar Stone Rat Stone Rhino Steel Rhino Golem Spider Harpy Petrifying Miner Junk Golem Chimera Mad Scientist’s Assistant Skeleton Skeleton Archer Skeleton Warrior Spotted Hyena Stonescale Devourer Giant Insect Giant Dinosaur Sloth Mad Screaming Orc Mad Screaming Orc Warrior Mad Screaming Orc Wizard Farm Stoneback Crab Saunil Fighter Saunil Armored Warrior Saunil Elder Saunil Fighter Naga Trainer Naga Combat Spearman Naga Apprentice Spearman Naga Apprentice Axeman Naga Combat Axeman Naga Combat Instructor Naga Commander