Jackpot Wish Lantern A Happiness Wish Lantern B Acceptance Wish Lantern B Health Wish Lantern B Jackpot Wish Lantern B Love Wish Lantern A Love Wish Lantern B Summon Vype Stoner Cannon [Savage] Summon Lynch Cannon Summon Summer Festival Cannon Summer Festival Diving [Savage] Medical Kit Resurrection 2 set of Oath of Grána Earring. 2 set of Harmony of Grána Ring 3 set of Grána's Accessory Sacred Trio Accessories 4-Set Sacred Trio Accessories 6-Set [Set] Sacred Trio Skill Activation Requirements [Set] Sacred Trio Skill Activation [Set] Jarett Skill Activation Requirements [Set] Jarett Skill Activation Seeker’s Hawk [Set] Black Eye Skill Activation Requirements [Set] Black Eye Skill Activation Skill EXP Skill EXP Skill EXP Skill EXP [Set Item] Sahazad Ring Set Trigger [Set Item] Sahazad Ring Trigger [Set Item] Saya Ring Set Trigger [Set Item] Saya Ring Trigger [Set] Blue Eye Skill Activation Requirements [Set] Blue Eye Skill Activation Combat/Skill EXP +3% Movement Speed +10% Attack Speed/Casting Speed +5% Damage from Monsters -8% Extra Damage against Monsters +12 Accuracy +10 Pepper-MeleeAPDecreaseCancel Garlic-RangedAPDecreaseCancel Onion-MagicAPDecreaseCancel Strawberry-MeleeDPDecreaseCancel Hot Pepper-RangedDPDecreaseCancel Pumpkin-MagicDPDecreaseCancel Grape-MeleeAccuracyDecreaseCancel Sunflower-RangedAccuracyDecreaseCancel Olive-MagicAccuracyDecreaseCancel Carrot-MeleeEvasionDecreaseCancel Tomato-RangedEvasionDecreaseCancel Paprika-MagicEvasionDecreaseCancel Sunrise Herb-MovementSpeedDecreaseCancel Silver Azalea-AttackSpeedDecreaseCancel Fire Flake Flower-CastingSpeedDecreaseCancel Dry Mane Grass-CriticalHitDecreaseCancel Silk Honey Grass-HumanAPDecreaseCancel Fortune Teller Mushroom-PoisonDamage Cancel Arrow Mushroom- BurnDamage Cancel Dwarf Mushroom -BleedingDamage Cancel Cloud Mushroom - PainDamage Cancel Sky Mushroom-MovementSpeedDecreaseCancel Tiger Mushroom-AttackSpeedDecreaseCancel Emperor Mushroom-CastingSpeedDecreaseCancel Ghost Mushroom-CriticalHitDecreaseCancel Fog Mushroom-Human AP DecreaseCancel Hump Mushroom-PoisonDamage Cancel Bluffer Mushroom-BurnDamage Cancel Ancient Mushroom-BleedingDamage Cancel Amanita Mushroom-PainDamage Cancel Wild Ginseng-StatStatusEffectCancel Truffle Mushroom-StatusEffectCancel Honey High-Quality Honey Top-Quality Honey Health EXP +100 (Quest) Strength EXP +50 (Quest) Stamina EXP +50 (Quest) Three Leaf Clover: Luck +1 Room Service: Mushroom Soup Room Service: Pasta Room Service: Steak Room Service: Curry Room Service: Grape Salad Room Service: Vegetable Salad Room Service: Special Mushroom Soup & Pasta Room Service: Special Pasta & Mushroom Soup Room Service: Special Steak & Curry Room Service: Special Curry & Steak Room Service: Special Grape Salad & Special Mushroom Soup Room Service: Special Vegetable Salad & Special Pasta Fruit Wine Pickled Vegetables Cheese Gratin Beer Stir-Fried Vegetables Grain Soup Fried Vegetables Fruit Juice Fruit and Vegetable Salad Fruit Pudding Soft Bread Oatmeal Exotic Herbal Wine Milk Tea Fruit Pie Meat Pie Honeycomb Cookie Ham Sandwich Cheese Pie Omelet Tea With Fine Scent Crispy Fried Vegetables Special Omelet High-Quality Cheese Pie Special Fruit Pudding Special Grain Soup Refined Oatmeal Smooth Milk Tea Thick Fruit Juice Full-bodied Exotic Herbal Wine Luscious Fruit Wine Sweet and Sour Pickled Vegetable Chewy Cheese Gratin Cold Draft Beer Crispy Stir-Fried Vegetables Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Salad Moist Milk Bread Sweet Fruit Pie Lean Meat Pie Crispy Honeycomb Cookie High-Quality Ham Sandwich Soft Omelet Tea with Strong Scent Steak Boiled Bird Eggs Fried Bird Meat Croquette Steamed Bird Fried Fish Steamed Fish Steamed Seafood Seafood Pasta Meat Stew Meat Sandwich Meat Pasta Smoked Fish Steak