Dark Backstep Crow Flare I Crow Flare II Crow Flare III Beak Kick I Beak Kick II Scattering Shadow Crow Food Midnight Stinger II Guilty Conscience Shadow Kick Shadow Riot Shield of Darkness I Shield of Darkness II Shield of Darkness III Dark Bound Sinister Omen Bloody Calamity Ultimate: Midnight Stinger Ultimate: Night Crow Midnight Stinger I Sinister Energy V Storming Crow II Claws of Darkness IV Eruption of Guilt Black Wave I Black Wave II Black Wave III Black Wave IV Evasion Low Kick I Shards of Darkness I Signs of Agony I Shadow Eruption I Mark of the Shadow I Dream of Doom I Sinister Energy I Abyssal Flame I Night Crow I Claws of Darkness I Dark Split I Storming Crow I Sharp Nails I Low Kick II Shards of Darkness II Shards of Darkness III Signs of Agony II Signs of Agony III Signs of Agony IV Shadow Eruption II Shadow Eruption III Shadow Eruption IV Mark of the Shadow II Mark of the Shadow III Mark of the Shadow IV Mark of the Shadow V Dream of Doom II Sinister Energy II Sinister Energy III Sinister Energy IV Abyssal Flame II Abyssal Flame III Night Crow II Claws of Darkness II Claws of Darkness III Dark Flame I Dark Flame II Dark Split II Dark Split III Sharp Nails II Imminent Doom Dark Trade I Sinister Shadow I Sinister Shadow II Sinister Shadow III Shard Explosion Spirit Absorption I Spirit Absorption II Darkness Released I Darkness Released II Darkness Released III Darkness Released IV Flow of Darkness I High Kick Flow of Darkness II Bloody Contract I Bloody Contract II Rushing Crow I Rushing Crow II Absolute Darkness I Absolute Darkness II Absolute Darkness III Ultimate: Shadow Eruption Awakening: Cartian's Scythe Scythe Training I Scythe Training II Scythe Training III Scythe Training IV Scythe Training V Scythe Training I Scythe Training II Scythe Training III Scythe Training IV Scythe Training V Turn-back Slash I Turn-back Slash II Turn-back Slash III Cartian's Protection Vile Plan Dead Hunt I Dead Hunt II Dead Hunt III Dead Hunt IV Soul Harvest Shadow Leap Flow: Rushing Crow Grim Reaper Grim Reaper's Judgment I Grim Reaper's Judgment II Grim Reaper's Judgment III Grim Reaper's Judgment IV Flow: Night Crow Blade of Darkness I Blade of Darkness II Blade of Darkness III Flow: Cry of Darkness Violation I Violation II Violation III Nightmare Flow: Requiem Cartian's Nightmare I Cartian's Nightmare II Cartian's Nightmare III Cartian's Nightmare IV Flow: Revived Nightmare Shadow Ignition Crow Nightmare Engulfing Shadow Abyssal Blow Absolute: Signs of Agony Absolute: Shadow Eruption Absolute: Mark of the Shadow Absolute: Dream of Doom Absolute: Sinister Energy Absolute: Abyssal Flame Absolute: Claws of Darkness Absolute: Dark Flame Absolute: Dark Split