Elastic Force IV Headbutt III Headbutt IV Shake Off III Shake Off IV Flow: Boulder Crash Flow: Final Strike Flow: Beastly Maneuver I Flow: Beastly Maneuver II Flow: Beastly Instincts Flow: Stone Bash Flow: Tearer Flow: Beastly Maneuver III Flow: Predator’s Avarice Flow: Unseen Force Wrath of Beast I Wrath of Beast II Wrath of Beast III Ire of Beast I Ire of Beast II Ire of Beast III Beast Roar I Beast Roar II Beast Roar III Awakening: Tantu's Iron Buster Buster Training I Buster Training II Buster Training III Buster Training IV Buster Training V Buster Training I Buster Training II Buster Training III Buster Training IV Buster Training V Blasting I Blasting II Blasting III Blasting IV Ground Lifting I Ground Lifting II Ground Lifting III Devastation I Devastation II Devastation III Devastation IV Giant Leap I Giant Leap II Giant Leap III Titan Blow I Titan Blow II Titan Blow III Titan Blow IV Flame Buster I Flame Buster II Flame Buster III Titan Syndrome Titan Step Flow: Slugfest Rooting Flow: General Disarray Flow: Earth Dividing Flow: Jump Sequence Flow: Ancient Wave Flow: Shooting Mobility Flow: Split Shot Flow: Ancient Power Feral Rage Feral Stampede Wailing Beast Axe of Destruction Absolute: Fearsome Tyrant Absolute: Storming Beast Absolute: Smack Down Absolute: Undertaker Absolute: Headbutt Absolute: Tackling Rock Absolute: Fierce Strike Absolute: Frenzied Destroyer Absolute: Predatory Hunt Absolute: Raging Thunder Absolute: Elastic Force Absolute: Falling Rock Absolute: Rock Smash Absolute: Weakling Hunt Absolute: Corpse Storm Absolute: Beastly Wind Slash Absolute: Wrath of Beast Absolute: Ire of Beast Absolute: Beast Roar Bolt Wave I Bolt Wave II Bolt Wave III Bolt Wave IV Jolt Wave I Jolt Wave II Jolt Wave III Ultimate: Bolt Wave Ultimate: Jolt Wave Sense of Danger Chance Maker I Chance Maker II Chance Maker III Absorb Heilang I Absorb Heilang II Absorb Heilang III Streaming Flow Flow: Leap Riding the Wind Flow: Spray Scratch Flash: Stance Shift I Flash: Stance Shift II Flow: Water Slice Flowing Water I Flash: Pole Thrust I Flash: Pole Thrust II Flash: Pole Thrust III Leaf Slash IV Leaf Slash V Leaf Slash VI Leaf Slash VII Leaf Slash VIII Leaf Slash IX Leaf Slash X Heilang: Whiplash I Heilang: Whiplash II Heilang: Whiplash III Heilang: Whiplash IV Soaring Kick I Soaring Kick II Soaring Kick III Air Lightning Heilang: Whiplash V Heilang: Upward Claw I Heilang: Upward Claw II Heilang: Upward Claw III Heilang: Upward Claw IV Heilang: Upward Claw V Flow: Flashing Step Flow: Tree Bound Flow: Hidden Claw Flow: Geyser Flow: Scatter Stance Flowing Water II Absorb Heilang IV Absorb Heilang V Absorb Heilang VI Command: Stay Command: Follow