Empty Bowl Medium Box with a Round Lid Small Box with a Flat Lid Cup Cup Cup Cup Cup Wide China with a Lid Bottleneck China China with a Handle Large Bottleneck China White Water Bottle Yellow Water Bottle Yellow Container White Container Narrow Neck Water Bottle Wide Neck Water Bottle with a Handle Reading Desk with an Opened Map Map Cabinet Opened Document and a Bundle of Documents Bundle of Documents Opened Document Doll Mirror Flower Pot Flower Pot Flower Pot Flower Pot Sack Pile of Sacks Table Clock Trophy Round Pottery Quagmire Pottery Long Pottery Ruby Gourd-Shaped Bottle Fancy Sapphire Vase Emerald Gourd-Shaped Bottle Fancy Topaz Kettle Beautiful Opal Vase Golden Hand Vase Imperial Platinum Kettle Ancient Artifact China Ancient Artifact Pot Plain Wall Tapestry Glamorous Patterned Tapestry Mediah Patterned Tapestry Cupboard Cupboard Cupboard Dish Rack Dish Rack Hanging Map Cauldron on a Holder Landscape Painting of Demi River Landscape Painting of Foggy Serendia Landscape Painting of a Windmill Landscape Painting of a Tree Landscape Painting of Serendia Prairie Sturdy Single Shelf Single Shelf Double Shelf Bunch of Dried Roses Tulip Lantern Bunch of Garlic Giant Fish Bone Wall Ornament Red Rose Wall Ornament Sunflower Wall Ornament Jack-o'-Lantern Wall Ornament King Clam Wall Ornament Turban Shell Wall Ornament Calpheon Scenery Cron Castle Landscape Dark Shadow of the Shrine Costa Farm Landscape Velia Watchtower and Cron Castle Landscape Painting of Wizard's Tower Ancient Slate Ornament Single Display Stand Wide Triple Display Stand Round Display Stand Tall Triple Display Stand Basket Basket Basket Basket Box Plain Carpet Floor Carpet Bright Carpet Multi-Patterned Carpet Large Carpet Mediahn Carpet Velian Carpet Serendian Carpet Calpheon Artisanal Carpet Floor Carpet Luxurious Carpet Clothes Hanger Large Pot Vase Tripod Cauldron Barrel Map Trash Can Training Equipment Red Rose Vase Yellow Tulip Pot Sunflower Vase Strawberry Basket Olive Tree Pot Oddly Shaped Pumpkin Pickled Onion Giant Fish Bone Bronze Goblet Cron Castle Gold Coin King Clam Turban Shell Ancient Kamel Statue Desert Fox Taxidermy Tall Cactus Pot Cactus Pot Caged Parrot Caged Owl Caged Monkey Caged Squirrel Snake In a Glass Vessel Rock Flooring Mossy Tile Flooring Dirt Flooring Gray Brick Flooring Gray Stone Flooring Granite Brick Flooring Tied-Up Curtain Open Curtain Cotton Curtain Cotton Curtain Silk Curtain Wool Curtain Frilled Curtain Thick Curtain Awning Curtain Balenos Curtain Serendian Curtain Calpheon Curtain Mediahn Curtain Velian Curtain Heidelian Curtain