Amity: Stiff/Stun Resistance Amity: Bound Resistance Amity: Karma Increase Amity: Critical Hit Damage Increase Horse Race Seal [Event] Running Event Coupon 쿠니드의 별채 초대권 (7일) 카라슈의 별채 초대권 (7일) 아미르의 별채 초대권 (7일) 샤카투의 별채 초대권 (7일) 알사비의 별채 초대권 (7일) 가하즈의 별채 초대권 (7일) 로한의 별채 초대권 (7일) 타사일라의 별채 초대권 (7일) 키야크의 별채 초대권 (7일) 무나의 별채 초대권 (7일) 샨디의 별채 초대권 (7일) 마르자나의 별채 초대권 (7일) 이나하의 별채 초대권 (7일) 탈리아의 별채 초대권 (7일) 아토사의 별채 초대권 (7일) 두도라의 별채 초대권 (7일) 오베린의 별채 초대권 (7일) Heidelian Drawers Heidel Handcrafted High-Quality Drawers Velian Drawers Velian handmade High-Quality Drawers Calpheon Drawers Calpheon Handcrafted Drawer Mediahn Drawers Mediahn Handcrafted Drawers Mediahn Bedside Table Mediahn Handcrafted Bedside Table Heidelian Bedside Table Heidel Handcrafted High-Quality Bedside Table Velian Bedside Table Velian Handcrafted High-Quality Bedside Table Calpheon Bedside Table Calpheon Handcrafted Cabinet Valencian Drawers Valencian Handcrafted Drawers Valencian Bedside Table Valencian Handcrafted Bedside Table Drawers Drawers Drawers with a Belt on Top Large Drawers Platinum Drawers Platinum Bedside Table Moroccan Bedside Table Moroccan Drawers Heidel Wardrobe Heidel Handcrafted Wardrobe Velian Wardrobe Velian Handcrafted Wardrobe Calpheon Wardrobe Calpheon Handcrafted Wardrobe Mediahn Wardrobe Mediahn Handcrafted Closet Valencian Wardrobe Valencian Handcrafted Wardrobe Double-Door Wardrobe Platinum Wardrobe Moroccan Wardrobe Heidelian Dining Table Heidel Handcrafted Dining Table Velian Dining Table Velian Handcrafted Dining Table Calpheon Dining Table Calpheon Handcrafted Dining Table Mediahn Dining Table Mediahn Handcrafted Dining Table Mediahn Table Mediahn Handcrafted Table Heidelian Table Heidel Handcrafted Table Velian Table Velian Handcrafted Table Calpheon Table Calpheon Handcrafted Table Valencian Dining TAble Valencian Handcrafted Dining Table Valencian Table Valencian Handmad Table Rectangular Dining Table Round Dining Table Two-legged Dining Table Four-legged Dining Table Two-legged Dining Table Four-legged Dining Table Platinum Dining Table Platinum Table Moroccan Dining Table Moroccan Table Heidelian Chair Heidel Handcrafted Chair Velian Chair Velian Handcrafted Chair Calpheon Chair Calpheon Handcrafted Chair Mediahn Chair Heidelian Sofa Heidel Handcrafted Sofa Velian Sofa Velian Handcrafted Sofa Calpheon Sofa Calpheon Handcrafted Sofa Mediahn Sofa Mediahn Handcrafted Chair Mediahn Handcrafted Sofa Valencian Chair Valencian Handcrafted Chair Valencian Sofa Valencian Handcrafted Sofa Chair Chair Chair with Armrests Rocking Chair Cozy Sofa Platinum Chair Platinum Sofa Moroccan Chair Moroccan Sofa Serendia Geography Bookshelf Handcrafted People of Serendia Bookshelf Eastern Balenos Geography Bookshelf Handcrafted People of Velia Bookshelf Calpheon Geography Bookshelf Handcrafted People of Calpheon Bookshelf Mediah Geography Bookshelf Handcrafted Eastern Balenos Ecology Bookcase Handcrafted Serendia Ecology Bookshelf Handcrafted Calpheon Ecology Bookshelf Handcrafted Eastern Balenos Adventure Bookshelf Handcrafted Serendia Adventure Bookshelf Handcrafted Calpheon Adventure Bookshelf Handcrafted Mediah Ecology Bookshelf Handcrafted Cooking Recipes Bookshelf Handcrafted Alchemy Recipes Bookshelf Handcrafted People of Mediah Bookshelf Valencia Geography Bookshelf Handcrafted Valencian Character Bookshelf Platinum Bookshelf Moroccan Bookshelf Bookshelf with Knowledge on Beast Monsters (Balenos) Bookshelf with Knowledge on Imps (Balenos) Bookshelf with Knowledge on Goblins Bookshelf with Knowledge on the Exiles of Mediah Bookshelf with Knowledge on Beast Monsters (Serendia)