Pure Iron Crystal Melted Lead Shard Lead Ingot Pure Lead Crystal Melted Copper Shard Copper Ingot Pure Copper Crystal Melted Tin Shard Tin Ingot Pure Tin Crystal Melted Zinc Shard Zinc Ingot Pure Zinc Crystal Brass Ingot Bronze Ingot Polished Stone Crumbled Rock Powder Processed Coal Metal Solvent Steel Melted Vanadium Shard Vanadium Ingot Pure Vanadium Crystal Melted Titanium Shard Titanium Ingot Pure Titanium Crystal Silver Ore Gold Ore Platinum Ore Rough Opal Rough Healing Stone Mythril Melted Silver Shard Silver Ingot Pure Silver Crystal Melted Gold Shard Gold Ingot Pure Gold Crystal Melted Platinum Shard Platinum Ingot Pure Platinum Crystal Polished Opal Healing Stone Melted Mythril Shard Mythril Ingot Pure Mythril Crystal Brilliant Opal Moonlight Opal Rough Ruby Rough Sapphire Rough Topaz Rough Emerald Rough Diamond Rough Translucent Crystal Rough Mud Crystal Rough Red Crystal Rough Green Crystal Rough Black Crystal Rough Blue Crystal Rough Violet Crystal Ruby Resplendent Ruby Blood Ruby Sapphire Resplendent Sapphire Ocean Sapphire Topaz Resplendent Topaz Gold Topaz Emerald Resplendent Emerald Forest Emerald Diamond Resplendent Diamond Star Diamond Translucent Crystal Mud Crystal Red Crystal Green Crystal Black Crystal Precious Translucent Crystal Precious Mud Crystal Precious Red Crystal Precious Green Crystal Precious Black Crystal Red Coral Blue Coral Twilight Red Coral Daybreak Blue Coral Gem Polisher Blue Crystal Violet Crystal Precious Blue Crystal Precious Violet Crystal Ash Timber Maple Timber Pine Timber Birch Timber Log Fir Timber Cedar Timber White Cedar Timber Acacia Timber Palm Timber Elder Tree Timber Cactus Rind Old Tree Branch Ash Plank Ash Plywood Sturdy Ash Plywood Maple Plank Maple Plywood Sturdy Maple Plywood Pine Plank Pine Plywood Sturdy Pine Plywood Birch Plank Birch Plywood Sturdy Birch Plywood Fir Plank Fir Plywood Sturdy Fir Plywood Cedar Plank Cedar Plywood Sturdy Cedar Plywood Usable Scantling Palm Plank Palm Plywood Sturdy Palm Plywood Elder Tree Plank Elder Tree Plywood Sturdy Elder Tree Plywood White Cedar Plank White Cedar Plywood Sturdy White Cedar Plywood Acacia Plank Acacia Plywood Sturdy Acacia Plywood Cactus Thorn Plywood Hardener Standardized Timber Square Sturdy Timber Square Powder of Darkness Powder of Flame Powder of Crevice Powder of Earth Powder of Time Black Stone Powder Alluvial Gold