ID: 107/3
[Co-op] Frenzied Altar Imp Captain
icon Quest
Area: All
Types: Black Spirit
Level: 19

First quest in the chain:
icon - The Altar Imps
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Snatch Altar Imp Weapons

- Description:
Activate the Altar Imp Captain Summon Scroll given to you by the Black Spirit and go to the targeted place. Summon Dastard Bheg and defeat him.
※ Recommended Level: 20 (Party play recommended)
(You can retry the quest by canceling and receiving it again. However, you must discard the Summon Scroll in order to receive a new quest.)

※ Note: Inventory rewards cannot be used if your Inventory space is already at the maximum.

Humans are not the only race
which makes foolish decisions.
Bheg, the former leader of the Imps,
tried to abandon his tribe.
As a result, he was Imprisoned in the Wizard’s Altar,
with the disgrace of being known as a dastardly betrayer.
How does it sound?
Worth a fight, isn't it?

I need a calm place to concentrate.
Go to where I point, and activate the scroll!

He was supposed to be a tough opponent.
I think you became stronger then I expected.
You didn't forget that I helped too, huh?

Kill monsters (1):
icon - Dastard Bheg

- EXP (320002)
- Combat Skill Points (3)
- Inventory +1 Expansion
- Reblath Helmet
- Reblath Armor
- Reblath Gloves
- Reblath Shoes
US/EURussiaJapanKoreaSATaiwanIn development

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Quest requirements
Level > 19

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