ID: 3510/85
[Cooking Advancement Lv34] A Cook's Reputation
icon Quest
Area: Calpheon City
Type: Production
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Bedder's Cooking Ingredients
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [Cooking Advancement Lv30] Slum Relief Food
Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Cooking Advancement Lv37] A Girl's Tea Time

Start NPC:
icon - Maryan Pero
End NPC:
icon - Maryan Pero

- Description:
※ If you complete this quest, you will get 30% of the EXP needed to advance to the next Cooking Level, based on a Cooking Level of 34. Maryan Pero, an epicure in Calpheon, asked you to make an Omelet that is soft inside if you want to be acknowledged as a cook. 1. Make an Omelet with the Cooking Utensil inside your Residence. 2. Get a Soft Omelet, which you can get at a set rate if your cooking is successful. 3. Talk to Maryan Pero with a Soft Omelet ※ As your Cooking Level increases, you can get better dishes at a set rate. Those dishes will most likely have better or more long-lasting effects. ※ Omelet ingredients: 5 Wheat + 2 Olive Oil + 5 Eggs + 2 Salt

Are you confident in your cooking skill? But you have to be acknowledged by an epicure if you want to call yourself a cook. What do you think? Do you want me to taste your dish? If you're confident in your cooking, I think you can make a Soft Omelet. It's pretty basic, but it's hard to make a proper omelet. Make a Soft Omelet and let me taste it.

Soft Omelet... it won't be that easy.

You really brought it. Let me see. (Takes a look at the Soft Omelet and smells it) This is great! I, Maryan Pero, give you that! I don't even have to try it, but I can tell it's great.

Obtain item:
- Soft Omelet (1)

- Production EXP (Cook)
- Sharp Black Crystal Shard
US/EURussiaJapanKoreaTaiwanIn development

Quest requirements
Cook: Professional 4
Finished quest: icon - [Cooking Advancement Lv30] Slum Relief Food
Level > 33

Required to open quests
icon - [Cooking Advancement Lv37] A Girl's Tea Time

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