ID: 6000/1
Decision of the Kalis Parliament
icon Quest
Area: Kamasylvia
Types: Black Spirit
Level: 1

Next quest in the chain:
icon - Road to Kamasylvia

Start NPC:
icon - Valks
End NPC:
icon - Delphad Castillion

- Description:
Delphad Castillion and Herman Feresio are looking for strong adventurers. Talk to Delphad in the Council.

Are you aware of Kamasylvia?
It’s the uncharted land southwest of here.
We received a messenger from there.
It appears there’s an important decision to be made.
Chairman Feresio is recruiting capable adventurers to be
dispatched to Kamasylvia.
See Delphad if you’re interested.

Have you heard of the land called Kamasylvia?
It is the land of the elves in the southwest.
We just got a message from them.
Seems like a quite grave matter.
Chairman Feresio has been seeking qualified adventurers to send over.
If you are interested, you should meet Mr. Castillion.

Great! It’s you, {getPlayerName().
What great contributions have you made to Calpheon all this time?

- Contribution EXP 150
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Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - Kamasylvia, the Land Behind the Veil

Required to open quests
icon - Road to Kamasylvia

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