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Category: Valencia Territory (Wharf Manager)

- Description:
A fisher at the Abandoned Ferry. He's in a fish-off with his younger brother Purio. He hates losing, but he always loses to his younger brother. He dreams of being the best fisher in Valencia, but he's not good enough.
Abandoned Ferry Fisher
Obtained from:
- Torio
US/EURussiaJapanKoreaSATaiwanIn development

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ipleasedont 3-07-2016 02:06

He is on a dock west of the node Ruined City of Rune.

Pohjantikka 20-07-2016 22:15

Torio is found at west of Ruined City of Rune
Purio is found at west of Shakatu town


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Added by Ipleasedont (3-07-2016)
Added by Ipleasedont (3-07-2016)
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