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Crucio Domongatt
icon Knowledge
Category: Upper Class of Heidel

- Description:
The former king of Heidel. After suffering defeat at the hands of Calpheon, he was held captive for one year and forced to sign a humiliating treaty that reduced him to the position of Lord of Heidel, a post he now holds fecklessly.

His youngest daughter Jarette, whom he adores with all his heart, is his only blood left alive since the castle fire during the war.
He has consented to have Jarette marry young Jordine and is waiting to see how the situation unfolds.
Lord of Heidel
Obtained from:
- Crucio Domongatt
US/EURussiaJapanKoreaSATaiwanIn development

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Trget 28-03-2016 01:21

from what I can tell, you can only gain knowledge Crucio Domongatt once you have to completed all quests from Jordine Ducas


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