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Category: Foreigner of Serendia

- Description:
He came to the Cultists to become a monk after his heart was broken by a girl. However, after witnessing the occult frenzy of the Monastery, up to and including human sacrifice, he knew he needed to get out. It is fear of Muskan’s revenge that keeps him here. He is polite, and tries to live the right way, even if it is too late. He is working with other like-minded priests to make things right, but they are too few to make a difference.
Soldier Visiting Monastery
Obtained from:
- Crant
US/EURussiaJapanKoreaSATaiwanIn development

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Archcraig 11-05-2016 05:36

Bloody Monastary, beside Edan.

Cerysmir 6-02-2017 14:41


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