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Category: Citizens of Calpheon

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Harpy Hunter Clarkster’s vast array of experiences has led to knowledge about the habits of various monsters.
He sets traps and observes several different spots around Calpheon such as Karanda Ridge and Goblin habitats.
Calpheon Hunter
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chriskmee 30-04-2016 07:21

For the people of Calpheon (Citizens of Calpheon) knowledge, the one you want is on the road between Delphe Outpost and Delphe Knights Castle. The road goes along the top of the mountain. He is at 240m from the outpost and 360m from the castle.

Cerysmir 6-02-2017 15:14

Obsoleete 1-07-2017 00:57

Adding a note here. I ended up at Karanda Ridge where there is also a Clarkster who's a node manager. If you do end up there and you're not gaining any knowledge, then it's the wrong Clarkster and make sure you're at the correct place as identified by the pictures in the previous comments.


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