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Lehard Motenon
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Category: Elionism and the Delphe Knights

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The current High Priest of Elionism.
Among followers he is acclaimed for curing diseases and making wishes come true through his prayers. However, none of these miracles have been proven.

He helped establish the holy order of the Delphe Knights, and continues to invest funds in the group to strengthen its influence. He believes empowering the order is the way to empower Calpheon.
High Elionian Priest
Obtained from:
- Lehard Motenon
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Problematic 19-03-2016 20:33

Anyone knows where to find this guy?

Problematic 19-03-2016 20:33

Anyone knows where to find this guy?

Problematic 19-03-2016 20:33

Kevin1600 20-03-2016 01:40

I have up my friendship with bipache at 400 for this achiev.

dervd 23-03-2016 02:20

Requires 200 amity with the Priest in Abandoned Land just North West of Calpheon where all the Infected humans are.

Motokosworld 27-03-2016 16:04

200 amity with Bipache in abdoned land and the high priest in calpheon Lehard Motenon talks with you

Genadine 5-04-2016 22:31

Anyone got a screenshot of him, searched the whole abandoned land and only Priest that has anything to say at all is the Quest one Bipatche, who you can have a conversation with but has no knowledge to give

Seramme 9-04-2016 21:17

The NPC you need 200 amity with is Bipache in Abandoned Land (although it does not show on his amity wheel). After that, go talk to Lehard Motenon in Calpheon cathedral to get the knowledge (if you talk to Lehard first, he will simply send you to Bipache).

Preciosa 22-04-2016 20:34

Requires 200 amity with the Bibache (not show on his amity wheel but you need 200 amity with him)




Then go and talk to Lehard Motenon

cmdrsamu 19-08-2017 00:57

His name is actually Bipache not Bibache.

Rathadin 13-05-2016 04:31

The best amity sequence I've found for Bipache is Reyes first, for -6 Interest on the 6th slot. This allows you to use Rouibo as your final point of interest and raises success rate to around 70% for her, leading to around 120 - 150 amity per conversation.

Full sequence: Reyes, Samier, Vitheons Belucci, St. Pjorn, Raibo, Rouibo.

DiEslick 9-01-2018 21:51

the best!

xferalheartx 14-06-2016 13:41

This was the easiest amity to get... EVER! It took me like, 5 min..:yess:

Kesame 9-03-2017 02:51

Reyas, Samier, Leona, Vitheons belluci, Balker Batian, Cartographie de forteresse des saunils
44 amity a turn, 250 for conversation


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Added by Katz24 (1-05-2016)
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