ID: 41
Jarette Domongatt
icon Knowledge
Category: Upper Class of Heidel

- Description:
Jarette, the youngest daughter of the lord of Heidel. She was the only surviving prodigy of Crucio Domongatt after the Heidel Castle fire during the war, a fire she escaped with the help of Cliff.

Having been raised as the sole object of affection for the Lord of Heidel, she is snooty and looks down on everyone except the disciplinarian Carolin, who scolds her regularly for her attitude.

Recently she has been trying to learn more about the Ancient Stone Chamber, since her fiancé Jordine has interest in Black Stones and has requested ruins specialist Edan investigate the chamber.
Daughter of Lord of Heidel
Obtained from:
- Jarette Domongatt
US/EURussiaJapanKoreaSATaiwanIn development

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