Memory leak

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Memory leak

Postby keteif » 24 Sep 2017, 14:43

I am experiencing out of control memory usage when having the

bdo database site up in the back ground. is anyone else experiencing this issue?
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Re: Memory leak

Postby Administrator » 24 Sep 2017, 15:05

This could be caused by the ads. Have you tried to enable the ad blocker and check if this problem still persists?

We are currently looking for a new ad provider, since too many users are reporting that ads are slowing down their browsers. Unfortunately it's not easy to find a good company for that purpose.
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Re: Memory leak

Postby wimbo » 01 Apr 2019, 20:25

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Re: Memory leak

Postby Rummage » 24 Apr 2019, 14:19

Are there any memory leaks problems in the Remastered game?
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