Magic Crystal

All Accuracy
All AP
Additional Damage to Demihumans
Additional Damage to Humans
Damage Reduction
Max HP
HP Recovery
MP/WP/SP Recovery
Movement Speed
Knockback/Floating Resistance
Jump Height
Attack Speed
Grapple Resistance
Critical Hit Rate
Casting Speed
Knockdown/Bound Resistance
Vision Rangem
All Evasion
Fall Damage
Max Stamina
Weight Limit
Combat EXP
Additional Damage Terhadap Monster Ganas
Karma Recovery
Gathering EXP
Fishing EXP
Hunting EXP
Cooking EXP
Alchemy EXP
Processing EXP
Training EXP
Trading EXP
Farming EXP
Sailing EXP
Additional Damage terhadap Demihuman
Additional Damage terhadap Human
Additional Damage terhadap Demihumans
All Damage Reduction
Durability Reduction Resistance
HP Recovery saat Attack
MP/WP/SP Recovery saat Attack
Additional Back Attack Damage
Additional Down Attack Damage
Additional Air Attack Damage
Additional Critical Hit Damage
Additional Speed Attack Damage
Additional Counter Attack Damage
Siege Weapon Evasion Rate
Special Attack Evasion Rate
Melee Damage Reduction
Ranged Damage Reduction
Magic Damage Reduction
Max Energy
Underwater Breathing detik
Melee AP
Ranged AP
Magic AP
Mengabaikan Knockback Resistance
Ignore Knockdown Resistance
Ignore Grapple Resistance
Ignore Stun Resistance
Ignore All Resistance
Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance
HP Auto Recovery
MP/WP/SP Auto Recovery
Critical Hit
Attack/Casting Speed
Maximum HP
Extra Damage terhadap Kamasylvian Monster
All Resistance
Skill EXP

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