Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +%
Max HP+
Attack Speed + Level
Casting Speed + Level
Movement Speed+ Level
Knockback/Floating Resistance +%
Max MP(EP)/WP/SP +
All Accuracy +
All Evasion Up
Knockdown/Bound Resistance +%
Max Stamina +
Extra Damage to All Species +
HP Recovery+
Weight Limit +LT
Grapple Resistance +%
Jump Up
MP(EP)/WP/SP Recovery +
Critical Hit +
All AP +
All Evasion +
Melee Damage Reduction +
Ranged Damage Reduction +
Magic Damage Reduction +
Skill EXP +%
All Damage Reduction Up
Melee DP
Luck +
HP Recovery Up
All Accuracy Up
All Resistance +%
Alchemy EXP +%
Processing EXP +%
Cooking EXP +%
Training EXP +%
Mount EXP +%
Horse Capture Rate +%
Mount Skill EXP +%
Hunting EXP +%
Vision Range +m
Fall Damage -%
Trading EXP +%
Cooking Time - sec.
Fishing Ability + Level
Gathering Ability + Level
Alchemy Time - sec.
Processing Success Rate +%
Farming EXP +%
Mermaid's Wish
Sailing EXP +%
Gathering EXP +%
Fishing EXP +%
Mermaid's Wish
Shaking Skill +
Grinding Skill +
Chopping Skill +
Drying Skill +
Filtering Skill +
Heating Skill +
Amity +%
All Damage Reduction +
Lumbering Axe Mastery +
Lumbering Axe Mastery Up
Fluid Collector Mastery +
Fluid Collector Mastery Up
Butcher Knife Mastery +
Butcher Knife Mastery Up
Tanning Knife Mastery +
Tanning Knife Mastery Up
Pickaxe Mastery +
Pickaxe Mastery Up
Training Skills +
Hunting Mastery +
All DP
Hunting Skill Mastery Up
Farming Skill Mastery +
Farming Skill Mastery Up
Sailing Skill Mastery +
Sailing Skill Mastery Up
Trade Skill Mastery +
Trade Skill Mastery Up
Alchemy Skill Mastery +
Alchemy Skill Mastery Up
Fishing Skill Mastery +
Fishing Skill Mastery Up

ID   Title Level Attack (AP) Defense (DP) Accuracy Evasion Damage Reduction CLASS GRADE EFFECTS
ID   Title Level Attack (AP) Defense (DP) Accuracy Evasion Damage Reduction CLASS GRADE EFFECTS
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