ID: 10503
icon Birch
Gatherable object
EXP: 126

- Description:
Birch bark is quite beautiful so the tree is widely planted in streets or gardens. Its timber can be used for furniture and its bark can be used for medicine.

Main Area of Distribution: Northern Calpheon, Southeast Calpheon

Raise your gathering skill level to increase the chance of collecting rare materials.

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Velkozb 2-05-2016 02:25

Every single Birch Tree from Behr, to the left of Behr, and Upto Lake Kaia were FALSE. Not a single Birch Tree.

Karl 28-10-2016 14:38

Thsi is also the case for every birch tree on the small island directly east of Iliya Island

Administrator 2-05-2016 12:06

Unfortunately, in some cases the gatherables are there, but you can't gather from them by some reason. We still have to fix this issue.

SanRose 17-02-2018 13:36

Birch tree appearance หน้าตาต้นไม้เบิร์ชขาว


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