ID: 1001
Horse Race Seal
icon General
Weight: 0.00 LT
Lifespan: --

- Personal Transaction Unavailable
- Description:
A seal you earn as a token of excellence at a horse race. Collect them and get an item of your choice as a reward.

Exchange 1: Rumbling Earth Shard

Exchange 2:Black Stone (Armor)
Exchange 3: Black Stone (Weapon)
Exchange 5: Light/Combat Horse Gear Box
Exchange 8: Light/Combat Horse Gear
Exchange 20: Storm/Fighting Spirit Horse Gear Box
Exchange 25: Storm/Fighting Spirit Horse Gear
Exchange 50: Box of Race Horse Emblem
Exchange 80:Horse Emblem: Tier 6-21 (Male with Two-seater skill)
Exchange 100: Storm/Fighting Spirit Horse Gear Box (Enhanced +1-5, randomly chosen)
※ The reward from a horse gear box is randomly chosen between: Champron, Barding, Saddle, Stirrups or Horseshoe.
Item Exchange List:
- Black Stone (Armor)
- Black Stone (Weapon)
- Light Horse Gear Box
- Combat Horse Gear Box
- Storm Horse Gear Box
- Fighting Spirit Horse Gear Box
- Box of Race Horse Emblem
- Storm Horse Gear Box (Enhanced)
- Fighting Spirit Horse Gear Box (Enhanced)
- Light Red Plumed Champron
- Light Hide Barding
- Light Hide Saddle
- Light Hide Stirrups
- Light Iron Horseshoe
- Steel Combat Champron
- Steel Combat Barding
- Leather Combat Saddle
- Leather Combat Stirrups
- Steel Combat Horseshoe
- Feather Champron of Storm
- Light Leather Barding of Storm
- Light Leather Saddle of Storm
- Light Leather Stirrups of Storm
- Light Steel Horseshoe of Storm
- Steel Champron of Fighting Spirit
- Steel Barding of Fighting Spirit
- Leather Saddle of Fighting Spirit
- Leather Stirrups of Fighting Spirit
- Steel Horseshoe of Fighting Spirit
- Horse Emblem: Tier 6-21 (Male with 2-seater skill)
- Rumbling Earth Shard
- Swaying Wind Shard
Buy price: 0
Market Price: N/A

In development

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