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Caves and Treasures of the Ancient Ruins

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You can learn about Caves and Treasures of the Ancient Ruins.
- Caves and Treasures of the Ancient Ruins
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MrSpectacle 24-03-2016 15:47

This is by far the most annoying Adventurer Journal entry I've done this far.
This requires you to talk to "Ruins Explorer" (see screenshot) and complete those quests.
Then you need to acquire keys to get First, Second, and Third slate, which you get randomly from the spawned mob.
I ended up with two of first and second before i ended up with the third slate.

Its time consuming, but watch netflix or something while farming the fragments for keys, and its ok.

mithestral 2-04-2016 20:09

to complete what you said : the quest is given by the Ruins Explorer which is west of the Bree Tree Ruins Node and the quest is this one :

Pay attention to the requirements. Lvl 37 and you need to have done two quests of treasure hunting, one starting in Velia and one starting in Glish.

The quest in itself is a pain to complete. You will need to drop 2* Ancient Architecture Fragments off immobile ennemies (cylinders, triangle tree stuffs. not the spiders or golems) with a loot rate of 1.5%, then combine them into a key. The ruins explorer will then give you the position where to activate the key ; kill the mob that spawn and loot a slate.
Repeat until you have the First, Second and Third slate (at this point you don't have the quest anymore), combine them and activate the item to get a new quest which reward the knowledge.

ratiosu25 14-06-2016 01:15

Which was is the quest in Glish, do you have a name?

AryaStark 15-06-2017 21:50

"Lvl 37 and you need to have done two quests of treasure hunting,"

You only need to be level 37 in order to activate the Litograph. You can and should kill the trees using a low level character (I've explained this below)

Zephris 4-11-2016 21:08

You got it quick.
I'm now up to 4 Firsts and 4 Thirds. Still no seconds. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Talizar 1-09-2016 09:44

The Glish quest I believe is putting together map pieces....

Moonraker 5-01-2017 04:16

1,500 tree kills, 11 slates later to finally get the required one to drop, over 5 hours. Completely insane design. Something to tell the grandkids :banghead:

Milan 13-03-2017 14:00

i got 4 first one after one.... after that i got the 2nd and 3th very quick but still.. this is the worst grindy quest ever

Metalharpey 28-03-2017 20:13

Its not that bad when you use a "new" character for it. I used my alt sorc and started in the area at lv32 (yes they're all purple but with full +10 or above grunil and +15 yuria its np) right after the Bandit grind (explains the Meat Soup).
I got about 4.6 mil from just the collectibles. After handing them in (and banking money), my inventory looked like this .-.

When getting all 3 pieces, I put them on the character I was doing the quests and Knowledge hunting and everything :P
For me the best drop rate (15-25% ) came from Large Cylinder Ruins Tree

Phartona 16-04-2017 21:27

Did you do the Quest Chain Hidden Cave before you were able to get the quest chain, because I can't find the quy with the quest even tought I'm fulfilling the requirements.

AryaStark 15-06-2017 18:19

IMPORTANT: Do this quest on a LOW LEVEL character (level 20-30). If you attempt to do it on a higher level character, the drop rate will be terrible.

I did this quest on my level 32 alt (with armor/accessories borrowed from my main), and the drop rate is MUCH higher. I got a fragment for every 4th or 5th tree that I killed on average (20-25% drop rate). It takes only a few minutes to gather two fragments and combine them into a key.

You could still be unlucky and not get the right slates though (I had to collect 13 slates before I got 1-2-3), but the increased drop rate on low level characters will make this quest much quicker and easier.

EDIT: Note that after combining the slates, you get a litograph, and this litograph will be bound to your character: In order to activate it (right click it) you need to be level 37 (the litograph will activate a new quest, which leads you to the chest which can be opened with the litograph). You can transfer the slates to your main and combine them on that character, or you can simply level up your low level alt.

Exin 20-07-2017 03:48

You don't need this knowledge to get 6/6 energy. You need everything else, though.


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