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Great Marni's Stone (Sherekhan - Day)

icon Special Items
Weight: 0.00 LT
Lifespan: --

– Bound when obtained (Family)
– Personal Transaction Unavailable
– Durability
32767 / 32767

– Description:
Mad Scientist Marni's great discovery. It was one of the first Marni's Stones to have been made, which was lost with the explosion at Marni's 2nd Lab. You can collect samples from monsters you killed. Once the stone is filled, you can exchange it through NPC Wacky Toshi.
※You won't be able to exchange the filled stone for EXP, like with ordinary Marni's Stones. However, you can exchange it for a Marni's Supply Box and you will get back the stone, reset.

※ If you sell your stone and repurchase it, your progress will be reset.

Target: Sherekhan enemy x50,000 during the day
※ Samples can only be collected if you make the last hit.
Mad Scientist Marni's great discovery.
Marni realized he needed more space to store the genetic structure of life form that he disassembled and combined. The stone that he used to store samples was not sufficient.
The ambitious Marni also knew his time here was limited.
As a result, Marni avoided frivolous activities that were not related to his research.

Marni searched for a method to preserve the dead.
He believed that it would reduce preparation time and make it easier to carry out experiments.
After numerous sessions of trial and error, Marni made a small storage to store his sample.
He named it Marni's Stone.

Although the first Marni's Stone could store large amounts of samples, his assistants were unable to carry the stone around.
To solve the problem, Marni created copies based on the first Marni's Stone.
Although the replicates were successful, it was half the size of the original.
You could not store as much sample into the replicate compared to the original.

Unfortunately, Marni's work ended abruptly due to an explosion caused by one of his experiment. Marni disappeared following the explosion and his whereabouts are currently unknown.
It's been said that the Great Marni's Stones have been scattered all over the continent.
- Great Marni's Stone (Sherekhan - Day)
Buy price: 2,000,000
Sell price: 2,000,000

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