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Southern Serendia Secret Cave Map

icon Consumable
Weight: 0.02 LT
Lifespan: --

– Bound when obtained (Character)
– Personal Transaction Unavailable
– Durability
32767 / 32767

– Description:
An old map that has a secret cave in Southern Serendia marked on it.
Caution: Watch your step!
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Market Price: N/A

In development

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Azzkicker 25-03-2016 00:55

it leads to a cool spider cave, with ores and mushrooms in them (the ore looked purple/crystal), not sure what else the map is still for. i bet you can trash it, but don't take my word for it , if u feel unsafe about it.

Zenaphyr 18-04-2016 05:11

For anyone that's deleted the map:

Unclejack 20-08-2017 14:02

The map leads to a cool spider cave that is mainly there to excite explores a little. The cave is well made, but contains little of real value. You do not need the map to enter or find the cave, but it will make it easier. The map can probably be discarded without problems.

I went into the cave and counted the resources inside. The cave mainly contains sapphire and some other medium-rare ore veins, some of which are quite well-hidden. Next to this, the cave also contains 2 treasure chests that can be opened with a key (bronze, silver...). For me, both chests yielded me a black stone (weapon) when opened with a silver key, but this is probably RNG. Next to the ore veins, the cave also contains some mushrooms. Noteworthy is that a trade item (Medicinal Autumn Bellflower, 1,200 silver) can be gathered here, although I do not really understand why as you probably are exploring on foot, and as such, will be slowed down significantly by picking this item up. Finally, for some reason many of the, seemingly sapphire, mineral veins are also unreachable or not mine-able, maybe they are there for decoration?

Here is a summary of what I found:

Ore/mineral veins
Sapphire 16
Feldspar 6
Silver 6
Beryl 2
Gold 2
Coal 2
Bryophite 4
Topaz 2

Sapphire 9

Fog Mushroom 2
Cloud Mushroom 3
Ghost Mushroom 1
Sky Mushroom 3
Bluffer Mushroom 2
Wild Herb 5-9
Autumn Bellflower 1 (trade item)

Treasure Chest 2
Some small gatherable "trash items" yielding EXP or LUCK scrolls and the like.

Koviko 25-08-2017 20:55

That said, you can get 50 CP if you don't discard the map and instead use it again once you're at the marker that it creates.

RealRom 9-09-2018 21:50

OK, go in with a lot of room in your inventory. Take a couple keys, hoe, fishing pole, pick axe with you and a watch your step when first entering the cave!!! Take a good walk once you get into the cave and loot, harvest and kill spiders as you go. This is a two-tier cave. About 30 seconds of running from the first chest will lead to a pit. Down goes in one tunnel headed out, the one strait across from where you are standing will eventually meet back with the one below it. Do the upper cave first, drop down to the second, walk back toward the pit and loot all those,then go on out. When you get back to daylight, you have an option: Either go on North through the canyon to the next set of caves that lead out or go up the ramp immediately ahead of you to the ground above. Its worth it to go to the next tunnel, personally. decent resources there: I've looted several "Fruit of's" just inside that cave entrance and toward the exit tunnel that branches off to the left. So, go the distance, to the north, through the ravines toward the orc camp area. The other end comes out on the west side of the Demi River.

Adam Jensen
Adam Jensen 9-05-2019 18:48

If you stand where the map leads and use it, it will be lost and not much experience will be gained.


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