ID: 41638

[Guild] Awakened Muskan of Madness Summon Scroll

icon Special Items
Weight: 0.02 LT
Lifespan: 3d

– Bound when obtained
– Personal Transaction Unavailable
– Durability
32767 / 32767

– Description:
Summons the Muskan of Madness when used within its designated spawn location.
(30 Member Guild Recommended)
※ You cannot attack the summoned boss on servers with Node/Conquest Wars in progress.
※ Another Summon Scroll can't be used while a boss is present.
This boss can only be summoned by a Guild Master or a Guild Officer.
The boss will disappear after 2 minutes of idleness or in 30 minutes after being summoned.
There's no penalty for death while fighting the boss.

– Can be retrieved from guild storage by: Guild Officer or up

※ This item will be deleted if you leave or disband a Guild or a Clan, or if you're no longer a War Hero.
※ Use this item (Guild Masters or Officers only) at a designated location to summon Muskan of Madness.

※You cannot attack summoned monsters on servers that has Node War/Conquest War in progress.

※ If you cannot summon the boss with this scroll, make sure you are a Guild Master or Guild Officer, or check if there is already a Muskan summoned in the field. If there is another Muskan in the field summoned from this scroll, your Muskan will be summoned after the previous one dies.

※ There's no penalty for death while fighting the boss, but teaming up with other Adventurers is still recommended.
Item Exchange List:
- [Guild] Awakened Muskan of Madness Summon Scroll
Buy price: 0
Market Price: N/A

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