ID: 41641

Boss King Brown Bear Lure Trap

icon Consumable
Weight: 0.02 LT
Lifespan: 7d

– Bound when obtained (Family)
– Personal Transaction Unavailable
– Durability
32767 / 32767

– Description:
Set up the trap at a specific spot to lure a Boss King Brown Bear.

※The lured King Brown Bear will disappear after 10 minutes of idleness or 30 minutes after appearing.
※There's no penalty for death while fighting a King Brown Bear.

※ Must be Lv. 50 or higher to use.
Processing Material: Bird Meat x10 + Deer/Fox Meat x10 + Elixir of Gentle Scent x1

You can set up the trap at a designated location to lure the Boss King Brown Bear.
※ Caution ※
- When used, King Brown Bear will appear. It can only be attacked with Matchlocks. Use it only when you are prepared.

- Boss King Brown Bear Lure Trap
Buy price: 0
Market Price: N/A

In development

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Carlos R.S.Junior
Carlos R.S.Junior 13-12-2018 16:15

Saspoha não explica direito.. Você têm que adivinhar onde as coisas estão... Carne de PÁSSARO você consegue abatendo gaivotas na ilha de Orffs, abaixo da ilha de Lema >>> Obs.: Leve uma faca de açougueiro para extrair a carne. Demais ingredientes voce consegue no NPC Zilka (vendedor de materiais) Elixir com Aroma Suave. Outras carnes você consegue abatendo os animais das ilhas vizinhas. GL...


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ID   Title Skill level EXP Type Materials Products MATERIALS EFFECTS RECIPE_TYPE FAV
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