ID: 761
Marking Reagent
icon Consumable
Weight: 0.50 LT
Lifespan: --

- Personal Transaction Available
- Durability
32767 / 32767

- Description:
Displays hidden names when hitting.

- How to Use
Use this item to throw a Marking Reagent at the target.
Can be used in PVP

- Effect
The target cannot hide its name for a certain amount of time.
The target cannot conceal itself for a certain amount of time.

- Duration: 5 min.
- Cooldown : 5 sec.

- How to Obtain
> If Alchemy level is Skilled 5 or up, you can create it at your residence by using Alchemy Tool.
Alchemy Ingredients: Blood of Sinner x1 + Magic Crystal of Enchantment: Vision x1 + Herbal Gunpowder x1 + Sticky Liquid x1 + Blackstone Powder x5

In alchemy, every substance is believed to be possessing mystic power. An alchemist extract such power from materials and mix them to synthesize special elixirs. It is an explosive reagent made with Blood of Sinner and other ingredients. Use it to throw the reagent ahead. Target touched by this item cannot hide its nameplate for several minutes.
- Marking Reagent
Buy price: 7,500
Sell price: 2,500

In development

Please note that Availability table only shows if the current object implemented in the game client or not. However, this object could be always disabled server side.

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Zenaphyr 7-05-2016 02:33

1x Magic Crystal of Enchantment: Vision
10x Oil of Storm
10x Herbal Gunpowder
10x Sticky Liquid
10x Blackstone Powder

Patch notes suggest there is a better ratio of mats for the craft.

Naeko 8-05-2016 12:52

The Thing is, you dont need this much - using 10 of each is just the max. of each recipe anyway.
If you guys 10 of each and it is successful you will lose many materials for nothing

Azzkicker 24-03-2018 19:05

i crafted this at artisan 2, so artisan 5 is not really required.


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ID   Title Skill level EXP Type Materials Products MATERIALS EFFECTS RECIPE_TYPE FAV
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