ID: 8339

Black Porgy

icon – Crafting Materials
Weight: 1.00 LT
Lifespan: 1d

– Personal Transaction Unavailable
– Durability
32767 / 32767

– Description:
An ingredient that can be obtained through Fishing. You can either sell it to Trade Managers or use it for Cooking.
– Rare Fish

– Usage: Fried Fish, Steamed Fish, Fish Soup, or etc.

※ You can sell the fish you caught to the Trade Managers in each town.
It has a oval shaped flat body and a protruding mouth. Its fins are well-developed, and its main prey is crustaceans and shellfishes. Oddly enough, it changes sex as it grows up. It does not have a definite gender when young, but it turns to male in year 2-3, and then to female in year 4-5.
- Black Porgy
Buy price: 140,400
Market Price: N/A

In development

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Moonraker 21-06-2016 10:25

Only caught in new fishing hot spots (gulls and fish). Regular spawn of hot spot in front of Iliya Island harbour. Varies but one is NW if Ostra Island and between there and Arakil Island. Node to connect is Baremi Island.
Other spawns possible in the general area. Possibly in other areas too but this one if reliable so far.

Another spot where it has been caught in a hot spot is south of Marka Island along the Olvia Coast (and node).

Note that they can not be dried.

Also currently there appears to be a bug where the +XP yellow icon shows but it doesn't give XP or very little. Less than other similar quality fish certainly.

Snowfliing 30-10-2016 20:14

hotspots seas of nox, seas of olvia

Metalharpey 1-01-2018 17:58

Needed Professional1 at least to see the Black Porgy hotspot (my guildie of Skilled10 didn't see it).

RealRom 8-05-2019 15:50

See blk porgy hotspots with my Skilled 6. Caught a ton off it in 3 different hotspots in one day(in the area between Loureve, Lisz and Staren Isles). Not sure, but I think you have to complete several of the fishing quests to see the higher level ones (I've done a few).

Agne Ma
Agne Ma 2-09-2019 14:52

На юге от острова Анджу в пару метров, с чайками


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