ID: 9417

Smoked Fish Steak

icon Consumable
Weight: 0.10 LT
Lifespan: --

– Personal Transaction Available
– Durability
32767 / 32767

– Description:
Fish put through a smoking process.

- Effect
Attack Speed +1

- Duration: 60 min.
- Cooldown: 30 min.

- How to obtain
> You can produce this item through Cooking Utensils at your residence if your cooking level is Apprentice Lv.1 or up.
> There is a slight chance of obtaining Golden Smoked Fish Steak when making Smoked Fish Steak if your cooking level is Skilled Lv.9 or up.
Cooking Ingredients: Fish x1 + Salt x2 + Olive Oil x1

Fished cooked by smoking. Originally smoking was done for preservation, but it became a popular cooking method as people found out that it can make meat and fish much more delicious. Smoked food can be preserved much longer.
- Smoked Fish Steak
Buy price: 3,350
Sell price: 134

In development

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Ragarqwa 23-04-2016 02:13

The two fish required for this must be different.

For example Rosy Bitterling and Soho Bitterling

lpcrazy88 5-06-2016 20:54

The two fish do not have to be different, using two of the same category is just a trick you can use to use your entire stock up. So if the recipe calls for 2 fish and you have 3 rosy bitterlings and 3 soho bitterlings you can cook with 2x rosy's and then 2x soho's and then 1 of each. You can also use this same principle on any other category like grain (recipe requires 2x grain: use 1 wheat and 1 potato for example).

For dried fish, I had no problem using 2x green or better dried fish, but when I tried to use 2 Dried Sandeel (white), I didn't have great success. It did succeed at times, but failed constantly.

OmniRich 18-08-2016 02:36

that recipe is wrong, i tried it over and over and got frustrated. The actually recipe is "2 fish, 3 olive oil, and 2 salt"...

kiszygirl 22-02-2018 13:15

After a lot of fail, I try with 2 fish, 3 olive oil, and 2 salt then, it success.

tretraxz 10-05-2020 15:18

I tried 1 fish, 3 oil and 2 salt. It was successful.

midorialexandros 8-03-2019 05:34

****4 Dried Fish, 2 salt, 1 olive oil.****

bu_theyab 24-09-2016 08:20

confirm with same fish dray one and use 2 dray fish 1 fish 3 olive oil 2 salt :)

Smileybones 3-02-2017 01:27

The recipe is correct: 1 fish, another different fish, salt, oil.

sys32_load 7-03-2017 16:09

At Artisan cooking level, can confirm this works with 1x olive oil + 2x salt + 4x dried white fish. You can use 4x of the same dried white fish, or 2x dried fish A + 2x dried fish B. I was getting success+fails using only 2x dried white fish. Also success+fails using 3x dried white fish. No fails using 4x dried white fish (4x same type _or_ 2x type A + 2x type B)

Karl 9-04-2017 15:56

Combinations that work: 2 white fish, 1 green/blue/yellow fish, 4 dried white fish, 2 dried green fish, 1 dried blue/yellow fish

Asmatan 9-12-2017 14:56

At cooking artisan level 9, used [b]two different white fish, success 50 %. With 2 same green fish, success 100 %.

Brenda 20-07-2018 22:51

Eu consegui fazer a receita com 2 óleo de oliva, 2 sais e 4 peixes desidratados... uma dica aí, para quem não estar conseguindo com a receita do site.. Good Luck ^^

midorialexandros 8-03-2019 05:35

****4 Dried Fish OR 2 Fresh Fish, 2 salt, 1 olive oil.****

PauLxxN 1-07-2020 09:25

Guru 9 - 1 Dried Fish , 2 salt and 1 olive oil - works without failure

Who Who
Who Who 17-10-2020 10:26

Yea it worked for me without failure too with the normal recipe ... I did 1 Dried Fish 2 Salt 1 Olive Oil and it never failed and the dried fish was white, but im also guru 7 i think so that might matter.


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