Bard Book Fanatic Eager to Learn Swag Friend of Annolisa Trapped in Knowledge Sorry for Being Smart Soldier of Fortune Studious Know-It-All Quick-Witted Networker Distinguished Studied Abroad Expert at Everything Wise Librarian Almost Every Scholar Gentle Like Moonlight Brighter Than The Sun Legacy of Knowledge History-Making Mentally Transcended Fundamental Loving Strength Show-Off Superstition Skeptic Filled With Red Nose's Energy Braids Look Good On Me Owner of Unbreakable Gloves Holder of Steel Shoes Blessed by Calpheon Wind Runner Poverty in Abundance Holder of the Kalis Medal Getting Treated Everywhere On the VIP List The Best Cook Proud Alchemist Romanticist of the Ocean Firm Machinist I'm a Herbivore Really Understood Heidel Saw Donatt's Journal Bounty Hunter Hope of Peasants Bandit Punitive Force Captain Seeing the Resurrection of Belmorn Passed Margaret's Test Khuruto Subjugator Troll Defense Contributor Social Butterfly Choir Supporter Calpheon Guardian Angel Icy Glare Hero of Keplan Cooperator of Bareeds III Friend of the Tinyas Incarnation of Revenge Ruins Worker Assistant Ruins Guide Ancient Fissure Guardian Dark Chaser Enlightened of the Kamasylve The Awakened Messenger of Love Consoler of the Mourning Teacher of Sentries Sentry Instructor's Assistant Elite Strong Soldier Steel-Piercing Common Sense Destroyer Faster than a Bullet Overwhelming Eyes Assassin Slayer Elite Assassin Steel Hoof Elite Court Guard Rear Support Neutralizing I Have Thick Arms All Clear On Duty Raging Savagery Blood Field Marshal Instinctually Destructive Sausan Conqueror Lid Boy Lid Girl Gripping Hard Drinking Buddy Facial Shield The Unpierced Ferrumphobia Patient Iron Club Understood Dullness Small, Hot Pepper Taste of the Hammer Hurricane Hammer Full Blast Helmet Tin Robot Gutsy Thug Chaotic Rhutum Guard Destroyer Abandoned Iron Mine Sheriff Practical Brawler Red Heart Holder Street Fighter Saunil Guard Handler Saunil Slayer Savage Commander Enforcer Civil Rights Commissioner Khuruto Subordinate Master Quickest Person Around Work Supervisor Ruler of Chaos Region Captain Thunder Causing Lightning Bringer Unrestrained Champion Rock Spider Crusher Stone Thread Extractor Stone Hole Digger Cold-Blooded Crab Shell Trampled Rock Whisperer Hardheaded Somewhat Hardheaded Shell Desiring Armadillo Warrior Pangolin Enthusiast Cheetah Dragon Tamer Love Marinated Desert Crabs Crab Marshal Hit First, Think Later Oh Dear Eccentric Stone Child Horned Nose Ouch! That Stings Armadillo Ecologist Ruminating Man Ruminating Woman Go Alone Like a Bison's Horn Taboo Breaker Normal Person Irrational Divine Punisher