Katan Mercenary Great Warrior Is This THE City? Ancient Civilization Guardian Edana's Descendant Double Spy Dude Looks Like a Monkey Brawler Naughty Kid Wicked Leave Them Alone! Evil Armored Infantryman Only Hurting Your Hand Dark Prince Idiot! Obsessed with Belts Wild Horse Chubby Stone Man I Hate Waragons Hoppity Fogan Prince Foganexecutioner Brrrrr How Dare You Crescent Guardian Holy Knight Grave Robber Ruler of the Nagan Civilization Plundering Thief! MORE GOLD BARS... Do I Look Scary? Guardian of the Desert Protector Kunoichi Costume Maker Kunoichi Costume Expert Brother of Goyen Sharp! Sharpy Authority on Sharp Black Crystals Hard! Hardy Authority on Hard Black Crystals Ninja Fashion Designer Ninja Fashion Expert Digging for Treasure Satisfactory Revenge Cartian's Descendants Palm Forest Boy Embraced by Evil Kayal's Right-Hand Man Prince Sharpston Princess Hardie Giant Leap Young Tree Sisters Flamen Ruler of the Temple No Item for the Lazy Stronger Than You Blinded by Tears Suppressing Elite Ordnances All About Item Drops Warriorkin Lucid Dreamin' Devourer Ruler of the Sulfur Mine Sordid Dark Eyes Longing for Freedom Learning ABCs in Mounted Hunting Hunter of Wind Hunting for a Living Wings Spread Wide Hunter better than Likke Behr Princess of the Fallen Kingdom Conqueror of Balenos Conqueror of Serendia Conqueror of Calpheon Conqueror of Mediah Conqueror of Valencia Breakthrough PEN Node Breakthrough TET Node Breakthrough TRI Node Breakthrough DUO Node Breakthrough PRI Node Stormtrooper Special Force Commander Ultimate Weapon Only at the tip of Lancia Western Frontiers Decurion Centurion Legion Legate Blackstar Hero Flower in Winter Black Desert Fashion Designer Guardian of the Narusawa House Black Porgy Enthusiast Black Porgy Prince From Porgy and Bess... Eyespot Puffer Enthusiast Eyespot Puffer Prince Puff Lucky Spotted Sea Bass Enthusiast Spotted Sea Bass Prince Such a Foodie Giant Octopus Enthusiast Giant Octopus Prince Professional Sucker Blue Grouper Enthusiast Blue Grouper Prince King of the Sea Run, Kuno-Chan, Run! Moray Enthusiast Moray Machine Guardian of the Coastal Cave Striped Jewfish Enthusiast Striped Jewfish Prince Dum Dum Da Dum Greater Amberjack Enthusiast Greater Amberjack Prince PAR Skate Enthusiast Skate Prince Skater Boi Blackfin Sea Perch Enthusiast Blackfin Sea Perch Prince Blackfin Sea Perch Snatcher Goliath Grouper Enthusiast Goliath Grouper Prince David, Please Answer Striped Bonito Enthusiast Striped Bonito Prince Yo Soy Bonita Luvar Enthusiast Luvar Prince My Precious Giant Squid Enthusiast Giant Squid Prince Big-Boned Coelacanth Enthusiast Coelacanth Prince Living Fossil Sperm Whale Enthusiast Sperm Whale Prince Aromatic