Diamond Acquirer Lady-Killer Unbreakable Hottest Person Around Passionate Filled With Blue Energy Water Elemental Topaz Demon Bringer of Hope Greenie Guardian of the Forest Immortal Love Starry Night Timber Expert Black Powder Obsessed Sharp! Sharpy Authority on Sharp Black Crystals Prince Sharpston Hard! Hardy Authority on Hard Black Crystals Princess Hardie Confident Elion's Blessed Depressed Hated by the Black Spirit Rookie Adventurer Skilled Adventurer Adventurer Rookie Explorer Skilled Explorer Explorer Pioneer Desert Guide Black Desert Lighthouse Gathering Rookie Processing Rookie Cooking Rookie Training Rookie Alchemy Rookie Fishing Rookie Hunting Rookie Trade Rookie Gathering Expert Processing Expert Cooking Expert Training Expert Alchemy Expert Fishing Expert Hunting Expert Trade Expert Farming Expert Gathering Enthusiast Processing Enthusiast Cooking Enthusiast Training Enthusiast Alchemy Enthusiast Fishing Enthusiast Hunting Enthusiast Trading Enthusiast Farming Enthusiast Gathering Guru Processing Virtuoso Cooking Virtuoso Training Guru Alchemy Guru Fishing Guru Hunting Guru Trade Virtuoso Farming Virtuoso Honorary Florin Resident Petrification Savior Nature Destruction Group Black Desert Pioneer Slippery Pretend Dragon Catcher Amphibian Expert Chewy Conch Shell Collector Conch Residence Owner Cliffhanger Trailblazer Worldly Learner Hard Worker Power to Process Full of Spirit Preacher of Selfism No Life Supreme Ruler Beyond the Supreme Helping Hand Sincere Contributor Dedicated Volunteer Joyful Contributor Territorially Acknowledged Recognized By All Acknowledged By All Lord's Trusted Officially Good Best of the Virtuous Seeker of Knowledge Still Difficult Sophisticated Highly Knowledgeable Noble Savage Daily Student More Knowledgeable Than You Bard Book Fanatic Eager to Learn Swag Friend of Annolisa Trapped in Knowledge Sorry for Being Smart Soldier of Fortune Studious Know-It-All Quick-Witted Networker Distinguished Studied Abroad Expert at Everything Wise Librarian Almost Every Scholar Gentle Like Moonlight Brighter Than The Sun Legacy of Knowledge History-Making Mentally Transcended Fundamental Loving Strength Show-Off Superstition Skeptic Filled With Red Nose's Energy Braids Look Good On Me Owner of Unbreakable Gloves Holder of Steel Shoes Blessed by Calpheon Wind Runner Poverty in Abundance Holder of the Kalis Medal Getting Treated Everywhere On the VIP List The Best Cook Proud Alchemist Romanticist of the Ocean Firm Machinist I'm a Herbivore