Merchant Prince's Ring Piece Merchant Prince's Ring Piece Merchant Prince's Ring Piece Merchant Prince's Ring Piece Map of Unknown Piece Map of Unknown Piece Map of Unknown Piece Map of Unknown Piece Upgraded Compass Parts Upgraded Compass Parts Upgraded Compass Parts Ancient Power - Red Shard Ancient Power - Black Shard Kelop's Cobweb Margos's Shell Sicil's Filthy Necklace Sicil's Shattered Necklace Part for Explorer's Compass Withered Leaf Cracked Fang Imp's Torn Ornament Broken Goblin Amulet Broken Wooden Fragment Torn Stone Fragment Rusty Iron Shard [Guild] Indomitable Flag Peridot Leaf Griffon Beak Ferri Beak Belladonna Elephant Ivory Piece Black Leopard Fang Feather Wolf Tail Poacher's Token Narc Magic Mark Degraded Wood Fragment Wind Spirit Stone Fragment Earth Spirit Stone Fragment Water Spirit Stone Fragment Rock Gargoyle Claw Loa Constrictor's Fang Bear Gallbladder Gazelle Fur Tree Spirit Stone Fragment Broken Lapis Lazuli Fragment Contaminated Wooden Fragment Useful Wood Fragments Treasure Bundle of Manshaum Priest Treasure Bundle of Manshaum Great Warrior Mirumok Treasure Chest Old Mirumok Treasure Chest Mutant Enhancer Valtarra's Scattered Aura Fadus Armor Fragment Mushroom Hypha Hoof of Forest Ronaros Fragment of Bronze Artifact White Mushroom Mushroom Sack Atanis Sheet Music Peridot Petal Memory Piece Narc Magic Sealing Stone Weakened Narc Magic Sealing Stone Vell’s Fine Powder Golden Armor Fragment Clump of Truffle Mushrooms Vell's Concentrated Magic Alchemy Stone Shard Mysterious Seed Crystal Covered in Black Ash Weapon Covered in Black Ash Armor Covered in Black Ash Sub-Weapon Covered in Black Ash Rusty Scythe Shard Withered Plant Stem Animal Trap Yona’s Fragment [Guild] Oath of Blood Militia Weapon Box Elsh Weapon Box Styd Weapon Box Ultimate Styd Weapon Box Basteer Weapon Box Ultimate Basteer Weapon Box Militia Sub-weapon Box [Event] Outfit Box [Event] Glasses Box Bares Weapon Box [Event] Lahr Arcien Weapon & Outfit Box (7 Days) [Event] Karlstein Weapon & Outfit Box (7d) [Event] +8 Azwell Weapon Box +7 Adventurer's Weapon Box Nouver's Sealed Sub-weapon Box [Event] Underwear Box Dandelion Weapon Box [Event] Splat Fisher's Clothes Set (7 Days) [Event] +9 Bares Weapon Box Kutum’s Sealed Sub-weapon Box +15 Awakening Weapon Box (Temp) Accuracy (+15) Sub-weapon Box +15 Kzarka's Sealed Weapon Box (Temp) +15 Main/Awakening Weapons Box (Temp) [Event] Delphe Knights Costume Box Awakening Weapon Box Azwell Weapon Box Bares Weapon Box Kalis Weapon Box Yuria Weapon Box Offensive Sub-weapon Box Accuracy Sub-weapon Box Defensive Sub-weapon Box [Event] Bloody Costume Box (15 Days) Shudad Weapon & Outfit Set Basteer Sub-weapon Box Ultimate Basteer Sub-weapon Box Serendian Soldier Costume Box Treant Camouflage Costume Box Splat Fisher’s Clothes Costume Box Venia Riding Attire Costume Box Desert Camouflage Costume Box Venecil Dress (Karki Suit) Costume Box Da-Dum-Da-Dum Diving Suit Set Box [Event] Accuracy (+9) Sub-weapon Box Magical Sub-weapon Box