Suppression, Demonstration Starts Assess Khuruto Military Strength Northern Wheat Plantation of Calpheon Supporting the Hostage Rescue Force Strategy of Control Awful Khuruto Wooden Totems Khuruto Interrogation Rouibo's Request Discover the Khurutos’ Weakness Gathering Sunrise Herb The Weakness of the Khuruto Khurutos Getting Drunk Khuruto Supplies Advanced Blockade Dreaming of a Status Rise Sentry’s Anxiety Investigating Khurutos Investigating Khurutos Khuruto Secret Order Decode the Orders Repulse the Khurutos A Letter from a Soldier Stable Keeper Samier Yearning for Mother Sly Khurutos Boiling Red Soup The Taste of Fury Laying the Groundwork Reyas’ Request Too Many Khurutos The Enemy’s Strength Collect Corpses A Falling Soldier with No Wings Testing a New Weapon Khuruto Sentry Report Save a Powerless Sacrifice Reason For Not Going to Work Requesting Rescue from the Delphe Knights Timid Revenge The Punitive Force and the Rescue Party A Simple Problem Dangerous Build Full-Scale Relief Work Recurrence Prevention Khurutos Adore Water Buffalo Khuruto Elite Soldier Hair Ornaments Delphe Knights’ Insignia My Coin! Thoughtful Karcenov Beat the Khurutos The Bigger, the Better Young Waragon Meat Rabies Prevention Quint Hill That Lizard That Lizard Quint Hill Where Did the Boars Come From? Locust Swarm From Somewhere Large Wheat Plantation Huge Unidentified Hole Waragon Cave Waragon Nature Bayruth's Ordeal Persuade Mrs. Leight Talk To Xaviel Helping Waragon Victims Grasping at Straws Somehow Perfect Perhaps a Brilliant Idea Waragon Trophies Appearance? Now? Portrait of a Fine Figure Not Everyone Can Paint Delivery of Xaviel’s Portrait Mrs. Leight’s Relief Poverty and Corruption at the Refugee Camp Absolute Intelligence and Wisdom The Northern Wheat Plantation Owner Ruins Excavation Disruption Investigation of Mysterious Ruins Ancient Ruins Entrance Martha Kiyen's Report Visiting Florin Florin, the Herb Town Herb Delivery for Mrs. Leight Mrs. Leight and Gorgath Calpheon and a Troll With Intelligence Troll With Intelligence? How to Respond to a Troll Catapult Troll Cow Operation Calpheon Military Representative Mercenary Guarding the Town #1 Mercenary Guarding the Town #2 A Recommendation for Colleagues Things That Happen at Night Clean Up the Thief Imps Death of the Cows Hummingbird Beak Grinding Grain is Fun! Labor Force Substitution Panic-Stricken Rumor Secret Investigation Vine Materials Another Colleague Prevention of Farm Contamination The Truth Behind the Rumor Wheat Cart Transport A Calpheonian Alchemist Corpse Cleaner Wild Contaminated Animals Yesterday's Neighbor is Today’s Enemy Alarming Danger to the Refugee Camp A Calpheonian Priest The One Who Impersonates an Elionian Holy Sacrifice One Doubt After Another Victimized St. Pjorn Destroy Superstitions The Greatest Pain #1 The Greatest Pain #2 Stop the Evil Ceremony Get Into the Cave Shadow in the Darkness Finding Medicine Escape from Waragon Cave The Suspect Who Stole the Report Andro’s Request Annoying Locust Swarm Helping with the Ceremony Wagon Broken Into Pieces Tell of the Accident A Woman’s Concern [Co-op] Ancient Troll Secret Design [Co-op] Aggressive Ancient Troll Warriors [Co-op] Ancient Troll Throwers Dragon Protection Tower Break the Siege Injured Soldiers at the Isolated Camp Strategic Retreat Troll Cows in the North Khuruto Equipment Investigation Constant Correspondence Young Daughter’s Whereabouts [Co-op] Weakening the Trolls Not Worth It Plunder Troll Supplies Saving Raiding Party Members Three is Not Enough