Hand It Over Between a Rose and a Cabbage And Yet, I’m Still Here... Looking for a Processing Expert.. Intensified Processing #1, Melted Gold Shards Intensified Processing #2, Copper and Tin Intensifying Processing #3, Lead Ingot Intensifying Processing #4, Tree Art Tirol's Cooking Ingredients Process Cheese With Milk Processing Cream With Milk Cream to Butter Plantation Cook Kanpacho Kanpacho's Cooking Test Essential Seasoning Fruit and Vegetable Salad Need More Alcohol! Meat Cuisine, One More Make Fruit Wine Filthy Creatures Ruining the Flower Garden! Help Me! Working on the Farm Haha... More Noise Bad Luck! Bad Luck! Bad Luck! I'm Going to Develop a Crab Dish! Creatures Ruining Wheat My Money is Mind Not Here! A Raccoon Tail Brush The Killing Never Ends... In the Name of Elion Incomprehensible Work Troublesome Creatures Why the Contamination? Contaminated Symbol A Last Request I-I’m Scared to Go Home Bizarre Creature Ruins Golem Fragments Interesting! Chargers! Forward! Troll Sawtooth Wheel Destroy the Protection Towers Cut Off Troll Food Supplies Help Me! Kill ‘em All! Troll Shaman What You Need to Connect Nodes Contaminated Dog Haunt My Son’s Necklace Would She... Be Alive... By Any Chance? Wait! Missis! Cut Off the Enemy Reinforcements Get Enemy Supplies Bizarre Accessory How to Anger Khurutos Cylinder Ruins Tree Sample Arch and Triangle Ruins Tree Samples Find a Way to Earn Money Spotted Deer Possessed by Black Spirit Antlers We Don’t Know the Enemy Mutated Contaminated ones Let's Make an Antidote! Contaminated Dog Host A Unique Plan The Dogs are the Problem About Troll Catapults Where is the Girl’s Pet Dog? Unadapted Cat Long-Distance Kuku Birds Burn Contaminated Refugee Camp Barracks Why are the Trolls Attacking? Help Calpheon Inn Cooking for the Poor Support the Protesters Alchemy Town To Olvia Study Deer Blood How to Use Fish in Alchemy Must Be Cheaper I'll Sell it Cheaper! Huge Stingray To Satisfy an Otter Bad Fish A Fish When You’re Tired I Wanna Catch it, Too! Think You Can Catch? How About Catching This One! Legendary Fish Trace of Despair Wheat Farm Troubles That Gross Thing! Kanpacho's Recommendation Promoting Pork Kanpacho's Steak Boar Prevention Stella's Request Alchem's Concern Dark Energy of Florin Chief Valentine of Florin Dark Energy Identity What About Caphras Cave? Adventurer's Journal The Fish Even Ario Couldn’t Catch Lonesome Jacob Clear Out the Farm Jacob's Grief A Seed for Tomorrow! Processing Expert #5, Finally... Top-Notch Fabric To Silk Thread, Then to Silk [Contribution] Calpheon in Need [Contribution] Cleansing Out the Troll Habitat Kanpacho's Concern Meeting Innkeeper Fredelles Herba Innkeeper Fredelles Herba Help a Busy Inn Cook A New Request Work Administrator Meet the Cook The Depth of Calpheon Tastes Kanpacho's Reward Live to Eat or Eat to Live I Live to Eat or Eat to Live II Delayed Delivery [Processing Lv26] Delphe Knights Support I [Processing Lv27] Delphe Knights Support II [Processing Lv28] Cornfield Help I [Processing Lv29] Cornfield Help II [Processing Advancement Lv30] Impatient Jeron [Processing Lv31] Use of Milk I [Processing Lv32] Use of Milk II [Processing Lv33] Use of Milk III [Processing Advancement Lv34] To Exhausted Soldiers... [Processing Lv35] Trina Fort Support I [Processing Lv36] Trina Fort Support II [Processing Advancement Lv37] Hide for Trina [Processing Lv38] Gold from River Water? [Processing Lv39] Workshop District Work Support [Processing Advancement Lv40] For Calpheon [Alchemy Advancement Lv20] Advanced Support for the Delphe Knights [Alchemy Lv22] Intermediate Alchemy [Alchemy Lv23] A Very Precious Material [Alchemy Lv24] Make a Crystal Yourself [Alchemy Advancement Lv25] Martha Kiyen's Request [Alchemy Lv26] A Crystal That’s Missed [Alchemy Lv27] For Life [Alchemy Lv28] The Secret of Swiftness [Alchemy Lv29] Mystery of HP [Alchemy Advancement Lv30] Reunion with Martha Kiyen