Quest - [Alchemy Lv31] Speed is the Key! Quest - [Alchemy Lv32] Medicine to Death Quest - [Alchemy Lv33] Fatal Attack Quest - [Alchemy Advancement Lv34] Purification of Contaminated Land Quest - [Alchemy Lv35] Shield-Penetrating Arrows Quest - [Alchemy Lv36] Stronger Attack Quest - [Alchemy Advancement Lv37] Alchemy for the Refugee Camp Quest - [Alchemy Lv38] Unfailing Attack Quest - [Alchemy Lv39] Mediah's Famous Elixir? Quest - [Alchemy Advancement Lv40] Alchemy for Humans Quest - [Gathering Lv26] Trouble at the Farm I Quest - [Gathering Lv27] Trouble at the Farm II Quest - [Gathering Lv28] Trouble at the Farm III Quest - [Gathering Lv29] Trouble at the Farm IV Quest - [Cooking Lv26] I Can Never Forget! Quest - [Cooking Lv27] Why Meat? Quest - [Cooking Lv28] Health Food for Workers Quest - [Cooking Lv29] I Miss the Sea Quest - [Cooking Lv31] Bird Meat Cuisine Quest - [Trading Lv. 31] New Luxury Item in the Market Quest - [Trading Lv. 34] A Moment of Relaxation Quest - [Trading Lv. 37] Behr Sausage is the Best! Quest - [Trading Lv. 40] Medicines to Save Lives Quest - Pirates That Threaten Calpheon Quest - Trina Marine Knights Quest - To Lema Island Quest - Where Are the Marine Knights? Quest - Missing Merchant Ship Quest - Finding Traces for Killi Quest - Why Cox Pirates Became Stronger Quest - Man Who Studied Monsters Quest - Cox Pirates’ Lair Quest - Monsters among the Pirates Quest - Trophy Report Quest - Soldier from Lema Island Quest - Dichzy Borne's Reward Quest - Immature Kid Quest - It's Part of My Job... Quest - A Taste of the Cox Pirates Quest - Removing Pirate Flags Quest - Rescuing the Merchant Fleet Quest - Treasure Hunter's Trophy Quest - One Goal: Pirate's Treasure Quest - Demoralization of Cox Pirates Quest - Cox Pirate's Pouch Quest - Pirate Island Extermination #1 Quest - Pirate Island Extermination #2 Quest - [Daily] Need Fresh Milk! Quest - Ever-joyful Garnier Nomad Troupe Quest - Tree of Rich Echo Quest - Ore of Frail Voice Quest - Accidental Masterpiece Quest - Karanda’s Latent Aura Quest - Supplying the Delphe Knights Quest - [Daily] Falasi Family’s Kindness Quest - [Boatman Promotion] The Man and the Sea I Quest - [Boatman Promotion] The Dwarf and the Sea I Quest - [Boatman Promotion] The Goblin and the Sea I Quest - [Boatman Promotion] The Giant and the Sea I Quest - [Boatman Promotion] The Man and the Sea II Quest - [Boatman Promotion] The Dwarf and the Sea II Quest - [Boatman Promotion] The Goblin and the Sea II Quest - [Boatman Promotion] The Giant and the Sea II Quest - Novice Adventurer Quest - A Cranky Captain and a Sweet Aide Quest - Death Squad of the Wilderness Quest - Man-Hunting Trolls Quest - Trolls on the ground, Humans above Quest - Trina’s Supply System Quest - Through the attacks Quest - Sage's Advice Quest - Master of the Trina Knights Quest - [Guild] Thin Fir Plywood Quest - [Guild] Savagery Tin Ingot Quest - [Guild] Hardened Coal Quest - [Daily] Epheria's Best Sailor Quest - [Daily] Small Worry of a Castaway Quest - [Daily] Big Worry of a Castaway Quest - [Daily] Glittering Worry of a Castaway Quest - [Daily] Business with Falasi Family Quest - Unidentifiable Fish Quest - A Margorian Shark? Quest - Pavino Greko's Knowledge Quest - Vell's Fragment, Lopters Quest - Giant Vell's Threat Quest - A Treasure Swimming in the Ocean Quest - A Treasure Swimming in the Ocean Quest - Outlaws in the Ocean Quest - Stay Sharp! Quest - [Gathering - Stone] Glittering Stone Quest - [Gathering - Tree] Time Trapped in Tree Quest - [Gathering - Herb] Jewels of the Field Quest - [Gathering - Animal] Fluffy Trophy Quest - [Blood] Essence of Life Quest - Quest - [Daily] Fruits of Your Labor Quest - Opened Western Gateway Quest - For Serendia Quest - New Trade Route Quest - Mrs. Leight’s Letter of Introduction Quest - The Kindness of Elina Leight Quest - Material in an Order Quest - What I Can Do Quest - Goodwife of the Batians Quest - Power of Women Quest - Balker's Idol Quest - A Talk with Elion Quest - Head of the Batians Quest - Choir Supporters Request Quest - Seeking Support From Nobility Quest - Faulty Shield Quest - One-Day Workshop Experience Quest - Check Out Iron Ore Quest - Magnetite in Storage Quest - Workshop Forge Quest - Workshop Refining Technique Quest - Finished Goods Delivery Quest - Apprentice Manager Certificate Quest - Report Illegal Transactions Quest - An Old Lady's Means of Living Quest - Price Comparison Quest - Check the Market Street Quest - Lucky Well Quest - Workshop Staff Paul's Wife Quest - Anne's Faith Quest - A Figurehead Citizen Representative Quest - Please Find Myao Quest - Market Trouble Quest - The Calpheon Bell Quest - For What Does the Bell Toll? Quest - Crisis in Kalis Quest - Check the Antique Quest - Informant Contact Quest - Running an Errand Quest - Give the Password Quest - Search Elina Leight's Office Quest - The Way to the Drug Quest - Big Success in the Big City Quest - Lazy Deliveryman Quest - Bring Silkworm Cocoons Quest - Workshop Carpenter Quest - Bring Equipment Quest - Calpheon Illegal Propaganda Leaflets Quest - Forbidden Prank Quest - Flower Garden in the City Quest - Fruit Basket Quest - For Rubin Quest - New Novel Quest - Bring a Water Bottle