[EXC] Sturdy Rhutum Elite Fighter Belt [Defeat the Rhutums I] Enjoy the Fight [Defeat the Rhutums II] Stronger Opponents [Defeat the Rhutums III] You Should be more Careful [Defeat the Rhutums IV] An Endless Fight [Defeat the Manshas I] Small yet Strong! [Defeat the Manshas II] Masters of the Javelin [Defeat the Manshas III] Never Give Up [Defeat the Catfishmen I] The Great Catfishman [Defeat the Catfishmen II] Bigger Means Stronger, Right? [Defeat the Catfishmen III] The Bizarre Catfishman [Defeat the Catfishmen IV] I Accepting Defeat [Defeat the Treants I] I Hate Those Trees! [Defeat the Treants II] Odd Trees? [Defeat the Treants III] Huge Treants [Defeat the Treants IV] In Order to Prevent Future Damages... [Abandoned Abbey I] Just Say You're Scared [Abandoned Abbey II] An Enemy Who Can Use Magic [Abandoned Abbey III] Call This a Rescue?! [Calpheon Shrine I] A Dangerous Patrol [Calpheon Shrine II] The Vestiges of Kzarka [Calpheon Shrine III] Reduce Their Power [Hexe Sanctuary I] For the Sake of the Other Creatures [Hexe Sanctuary II] The Truth Behind the Witch Tower [Hexe Sanctuary III] A Strong Skeleton [Hexe Sanctuary IV] Purifying the Hexe Sanctuary Toll White Lie for Toby Herb of Deep Breath State-of-the-Art Firearm The Deadliest Metal Reinventing an Old Weapon How to Survive the Wilderness Old Moon Guild and Survival Skill Nightmare in Crioville For the Root Nymph Offer the Fish Inside the Cave A Fishy Offering