Quest - The Calpheon Bell Quest - For What Does the Bell Toll? Quest - Crisis in Kalis Quest - Check the Antique Quest - Informant Contact Quest - Running an Errand Quest - Give the Password Quest - Search Elina Leight's Office Quest - The Way to the Drug Quest - Big Success in the Big City Quest - Lazy Deliveryman Quest - Bring Silkworm Cocoons Quest - Workshop Carpenter Quest - Bring Equipment Quest - Calpheon Illegal Propaganda Leaflets Quest - Forbidden Prank Quest - Flower Garden in the City Quest - Fruit Basket Quest - For Rubin Quest - New Novel Quest - Bring a Water Bottle Quest - Desperate Request for Help Quest - Lost Hope Quest - Blasphemy Quest - A Bit of Mercy Quest - Kristina's Request Quest - Recommendations from Merchants Quest - Developing a New Menu Quest - Rations from the Wheat Plantation Quest - Prancing Lamb Quest - Calpheon Redemption Statue Quest - Cure-All Quest - Vegetable Shop Errand Quest - A Port Keeper's Request Quest - A Port Keeper's Pressure Quest - The Carrot and Stick Quest - Fabric Delivery Quest - Jealousy is My Strength Quest - Wine Delivery for the Banquet Quest - Unusual Student Quest - Hard-to-Get Herb Quest - Reproductivity of Rabbits Quest - Happily Ever After Quest - Valkyrie Techniques: Intermediate Quest - The Valkyrie Legend Quest - Problem Students Quest - Medicine Made by Students Quest - Moon Pearl Quest - Curious Ru Quest - Partner of the Holy College Library Quest - Ancient Myths and Truths Quest - The Taming of the Tomboy Quest - Oath of Eternal Happiness Quest - Stringy Herb Quest - Timber from Trent Quest - A Lover's Surprise Quest - Taking Care of the Escorts Quest - Rats as Big as My Arm Quest - Drifting Crates Quest - Upgraded Cannonball Test Quest - Know-It-All Quest - Peep Quest - Valkyrie's Treasure Quest - Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are Quest - Gift for Happiness Quest - Everyone's Excuse Quest - Rest in Peace Quest - Fetching Water Quest - A Bragging Dwarf Quest - An Uncomfortable Saddle Quest - A Child's Curiosity Quest - A Sinner Quest - Bring a Book Quest - Like Robin Hood Quest - Request for Reinforcement Quest - Gemstone Appraisal Quest - Ruby Appraisal Quest - Meet the Spy Quest - Marking Your Target Quest - Steal Oppression Operation Orders Quest - Notifying a Colleague Quest - Ancient Ruins Sightseeing Quest - Appreciate Berchen Fountain Quest - Check on the Workers Quest - For Only the Good Quest - Berchen's New Wagon Quest - About Supply Quest - Take Renee Quest - Lost Puppy Quest - Bedder's Cooking Ingredients Quest - Calpheon Daily Cook #1 Quest - Calpheon Daily Cook #2 Quest - Finding Anna... Quest - Tea with a Gentle Scent Quest - Kids' Favorite Cookies Quest - Showing Off Quest - A Dish for the Poor Quest - A Dish for Monsters Quest - A Taste Suitable for Special Meal Quest - The Best Cook Quest - Geranoa's Proposal Quest - Gemstone Value Quest - The Best Jewel Quest - Troubled Oberen Farm Quest - Dirty Chimney Sweeping Quest - Chimney Sweeping Quest - What a Dirty Chimney! Quest - Protect the Customers Quest - [Cooking Advancement Lv30] Slum Relief Food Quest - [Cooking Lv32] Sharing Food Quest - [Cooking Lv33] Simple Dish Quest - [Cooking Advancement Lv34] A Cook's Reputation Quest - [Cooking Lv35] I Want a Cheese Pie Quest - [Cooking Lv36] Long Work Done Quest - [Cooking Advancement Lv37] A Girl's Tea Time Quest - [Cooking Lv38] Lizard Food Quest - [Cooking Advancement Lv40] Serendia Meal Quest - [Gathering Lv31] Calpheon City Decoration I Quest - [Gathering Lv32] Calpheon City Decoration II Quest - [Gathering Lv33] Calpheon City Decoration III Quest - [Gathering Lv35] Defense Base Support I Quest - [Gathering Lv36] Defense Base Support II Quest - [Gathering Lv38] Defense Base Support III Quest - [Gathering Lv39] Defense Base Support IV Quest - [Farming Lv. 30] The Best Wheat Farm Quest - [Farming Lv. 34] The Path to Becoming a Mushroom Master Quest - [Farming Lv. 37] Good Milk from Good Haystacks Quest - [Farming Lv. 40] Nature and Abundance Quest - [Farming Lv. 44] Compete with Ahr Quest - [Fishing Lv. 30] Nothing's Good Quest - [Fishing Lv. 34] All Because of Trash! Quest - [Fishing Lv. 37] A Skilled Fisher Quest - [Fishing Lv. 40] The Delicacies of Epheria Quest - [Repeat] Necklace of Sealed Magical Power #1 Quest - Necklace of Sealed Magical Power Quest - [Repeat] Necklace of Sealed Magical Power - Defeat the Catfishmen Quest - [Repeat] Necklace of Sealed Magical Power - Defeat the Manshas Quest - [Repeat] Necklace of Sealed Magical Power - Defeat the Rhutums Quest - [Repeat] Necklace of Sealed Magical Power - Defeat the Treants Quest - [Repeat] Necklace of Sealed Magical Power - Defeat the Calpheon Shrine Herd Quest - [EXC] Necklace of Sealed Magical Power Quest - [EXC] Necklace of Concentrated Magical Power Quest - [EXC] Necklace of Dim Magical Power Quest - Quest - Quest - Quest - Quest - Quest -