Quest - [Defeat the Rhutums II] Stronger Opponents Quest - [Defeat the Rhutums III] You Should be more Careful Quest - [Defeat the Rhutums IV] An Endless Fight Quest - [Defeat the Manshas I] Small yet Strong! Quest - [Defeat the Manshas II] Masters of the Javelin Quest - [Defeat the Manshas III] Never Give Up Quest - [Defeat the Catfishmen I] The Great Catfishman Quest - [Defeat the Catfishmen II] Bigger Means Stronger, Right? Quest - [Defeat the Catfishmen III] The Bizarre Catfishman Quest - [Defeat the Catfishmen IV] I Accepting Defeat Quest - [Defeat the Treants I] I Hate Those Trees! Quest - [Defeat the Treants II] Odd Trees? Quest - [Defeat the Treants III] Huge Treants Quest - [Defeat the Treants IV] In Order to Prevent Future Damages... Quest - [Abandoned Abbey I] Just Say You're Scared Quest - [Abandoned Abbey II] An Enemy Who Can Use Magic Quest - [Abandoned Abbey III] Call This a Rescue?! Quest - [Calpheon Shrine I] A Dangerous Patrol Quest - [Calpheon Shrine II] The Vestiges of Kzarka Quest - [Calpheon Shrine III] Reduce Their Power Quest - [Hexe Sanctuary I] For the Sake of the Other Creatures Quest - [Hexe Sanctuary II] The Truth Behind the Witch Tower Quest - [Hexe Sanctuary III] A Strong Skeleton Quest - [Hexe Sanctuary IV] Purifying the Hexe Sanctuary Quest - Toll Quest - White Lie for Toby Quest - Herb of Deep Breath Quest - State-of-the-Art Firearm Quest - The Deadliest Metal Quest - Reinventing an Old Weapon Quest - How to Survive the Wilderness Quest - Old Moon Guild and Survival Skill Quest - Nightmare in Crioville Quest - For the Root Nymph Quest - Offer the Fish Quest - Inside the Cave Quest - A Fishy Offering Quest - [Drieghan] Queen Brolina’s Summons Quest - A Message from Drieghan Quest - To Ahib Conflict Zone Quest - Duvencrune Quest - A Familiar Face Quest - Military Supply Pact Quest - The Leader of Duvencrune Quest - Spread of Terror Quest - A Crimson Shadow Quest - Current State of Affairs Quest - The Closest Place to the Skies Quest - A Blade at Nose’s Tip Quest - The Missing Report Quest - The Frontlines Quest - Infiltrating Enemy Grounds Quest - A Talking Wolf Quest - The Great Garmoth Quest - Stranded People Quest - A Wolf with White Fur Quest - Wolves That Eat Rocks Quest - Collecting Samples Quest - A Report for the Chief Quest - A Turn of Events Quest - Dragons and the Black Stones Quest - Sacred Necropolis Quest - Shadows Loitering the Sacred Necropolis Quest - Intuition of an Investigator Quest - The Arisen Founders Quest - Fountain of Origin Quest - The Sherekhans’ Approval Quest - Resting Place of the Founders Quest - Reaching Out Quest - To Duvencrune Quest - Crippling Fear Quest - Quest - Quest - [Drieghan] A Message from the Queen Quest - Land of Endless Conflict Quest - The War Situation at the Post Quest - Investigator Tira Quest - Sweet Interrogation Quest - Shadow Assassin Quest - To the Land of Dragons Quest - No News is Not Good News Quest - Injured Hunter Quest - Wailing Cave Quest - Yahq’s Teachings Quest - To Duvencrune Quest - [Repeat] Burning Heritage Quest - Ranchini the Liar I Quest - Ranchini the Liar II Quest - Ranchini the Liar III Quest - Ranchini the Liar IV Quest - Ranchini the Liar V Quest - Ranchini the Liar VI Quest - Old Mountain Lover I Quest - Old Mountain Lover II Quest - An Old Man’s Greed Quest - A Son’s Greed Quest - [Gathering] Strong Timber Quest - [Processing] The Beauty of Planks Quest - [Processing] Glossy Plywood Quest - [Gathering] The Tears of Trees Quest - [Gathering] Ow, My Stomach Quest - [Repeat] Missing Shepherd Boy Quest - [Repeat] Let’s Play Hide-and-Seek Quest - [Repeat] Cute and Delicious Quest - Tame Griffons Quest - Cut Them All Down Quest - Homesickness Quest - [Fishing] A Fisher with Big Dreams Quest - [Hunting] Tender Meat Quest - [Repeat] Dreadful Guanaco Quest - [Repeat] Ancient Symbol Quest - Winning over the Drieghanese Quest - Chief Priestess Camira Quest - Ancient Drieghanese Documents Quest - Chenga Sherekhan Quest - The Return of the Sherekhans Quest - Nutritious Llama Meat Quest - My Precious Sister Quest - Persuading Camira Quest - A Promise Between Sisters Quest - Worshipers of Garmoth Quest - Showing Respect Quest - A Soft Heart Quest - Leon the Dragon Scholar Quest - Leafing through Leaf Keepers Quest - I’ve Been Robbed! Quest - The Power of Beer Quest - The Dragon’s Shadow Quest - A Sensitive Crisis Quest - Sacred Spring Quest - Peace Quest - The Last Ritual Quest - A Hero’s Return Quest - Deian’s Schemes Quest - A Gift for a Hero Quest - Feathers for Arrows Quest - Plucking Feathers Quest - Urgent Message Quest - For the Scout I Quest - For the Scout II Quest - Patrolling from up High Quest - Drieghanese Cooking Secrets Quest - A Foreigner’s Tantrum Quest - Forbidden Drink Quest - Someone to Share a Drink With Quest - [Repeat] Gluttonous Guanacos Quest - Winning a Woman’s Heart Quest - Cowardly Love Quest - Wandering Sister