Seed Pouch Potato Cart Farm Delivery Cultist Flag Ancient Coin Collector Southern Neutral Zone Extraction Mill Repair Delivering Repair Parts Work Status Report A Letter to Mother Finest Cooking Ingredients Glish Commemorative Coin Precious, Precious Egg Bandit's Dagger Straggling Porter Red Orc Sharp Orc Tooth Empty Storage A Mere Spectator Naga Commander [Contribution] Helping Out the Residents [Contribution] Red Orc Extermination [Contribution] Helping Out the Town I should be able to manage it right? Honorable Battle Honey Wine with Memories Mine Imp Cleanup Operation Between Duty and Friendship Mine Imp Cleanup Operation Rude Soldier Al Rhundi and the Rebels Hideous Fogans Secret Duty Not Yet, Queek. Enemy at the Door Enemy at the Door Fish in Troubled Waters Local Resource Management Piranha Merry Mud Hunting Shut Up, Frog! Shut Up, Frog! Stop the Illegal Assembly! Lost Toya Lost Weehol Lost Maum Anon Wants to Be a Soldier Profound Flag Please Find Kirre In Search of Freharau Back to Glish Finding the Sister In Search of Obsidian Don't Wanna Open My Eyes Find My Stuff Where Did It Go? Lost Sacramentals Fogan Ecological Research Imps at the Farm Imp Food Wagon Jobs Wanted Finding Murana Finding Alugren Finding a Brother Billy, an Art Lover Stolen Grain Allan's Gift Allan's Gift Helping Cruhorn Wyrmsbane A Special for Friends Freharau's Advice Delicious Water Techthon and Quality Iron Puia and the Wooden Box Design Glazed Naga Oil Injured Adventurers... Versatile Maple Lara's New Challenge Flaviano's Chronic Disease Fisher's Request Those Who Contaminate the River Holio's Fishing Test Holio's Species Information [Fishing] Recycling Snapped Ropes Best Spot in Serendia Thulo's Love for Fish In Search of Jiro Special Fish Fishing at a Bandit's Lair Checking Fish Species at Biraghi Den (Bubble Eye) Checking Fish Species at Biraghi Den (Terrapin) Stamina Food for Laborers Stamina Food for Soldiers Stamina Food for Officers Because I Like You It May Smell a Little... Nothing Our Friendship Can't Do Harvesting Wheat Making Fertilizer Settling Down in Heidel Storage Keeper Amerigo More Practical, More Valuable No Free Stuff Skinning a Fox Drying Hide Under the Sunlight... Juicy Information Bustling Alejandro Farm Helping with the Pumpkin Harvest A Threatening Scarecrow! A Meat Dish for the Workers In Search of Higher Processing Knowledge... Honey for a Goblin Friend Learning Higher Processing Skills Materials for Equipment Repair Pure Water for an Experiment Working the Ash Tree Cheer Up, Zara Lynch Self-Defense Club Helping Restore the Ration Depot Finding a Soldier in an Imp's Den Fix Broken Weapons First Report the situation to Heidel What's on the Mountain Top? Sheep Won't Run Away... Valuable Investment A Necklace for My Doe At the Humble Farm... Ghost from a Pumpkin? Medicine for Grandma Water, Please? Mael, a Vege-Evaluation Expert. Something Helpful Troubled Fatoos Hard Hide To Mael Costa Again... Potato Delivery to Melissa Brady Filtering Feathers Need Soft Hides! Toys (?) for Kids Mercianne of Moretti Farm A Shaggy Dog Story at Moretti Farm Wood to Make Toys A Harder and Lighter Tool Ordinary Work Agonized Mercianne Supporting the Central Guard Camp Glish, the Center of Southern Serendia We Need Hay, But... Oww, My Head