Black Spirit’s Gift (Defeat Muskan) Black Spirit’s Gift (Defeat Org) Black Spirit’s Gift (Defeat Biraghi) Black Spirit’s Gift (Defeat Kelcas) Black Spirit’s Gift (Destory Guard Tower) Black Spirit’s Gift (Defeat Black Mane) Black Spirit’s Gift (Adventures of Northern Calpheon) Black Spirit’s Gift (Defeat Dim Tree Spirit) Black Spirit’s Gift (Defeat Mad Scientist’s Assistant) Black Spirit’s Gift (Defeat Saunil Siege Captain) Black Spirit’s Gift (Defeat Gehaku) Black Spirit’s Gift (Defeat Queen Stoneback Crab) Black Spirit’s Gift (Adventures of Keplan) Black Spirit’s Gift (Defeat Hexe Marie) Black Spirit’s Gift II (Amerigo's Shoes) Black Spirit’s Gift II (Eagle’s Talon) Black Spirit’s Gift II (Ceasar's Gloves) Black Spirit’s Gift II (Exquisite Naga Ear Accessory) Black Spirit’s Gift II (Cultist's Black Ring) Black Spirit’s Gift II (Red Orc Armor) Black Spirit’s Gift II (Cruhorn Helmet) Black Spirit’s Gift II (Veteran Adventurer's Shoes) Black Spirit’s Gift II (Wind Crystal Gloves) Black Spirit’s Gift II (Chimera's Pupil Gem) Black Spirit’s Gift II (Devourer Helmet) Black Spirit’s Gift II (Delphad Castillion Main Weapon) Black Spirit’s Gift II (Kaia Necklace) Black Spirit’s Gift II (Ultimate Delphad Castillion Main Weapon) Black Spirit’s Gift III (Weight Limit Buff) Black Spirit’s Gift III (Tier 5 Horse) Black Spirit’s Special Gift (Maid) Black Spirit’s Gift (Adventurer's Tome) Advice of Valks I Advice of Valks II Advice of Valks III Advice of Valks IV Advice of Valks V Advice of Valks VI Magic Armor Exchange I Magic Armor Exchange II Magic Armor Exchange III Magic Armor Exchange IV Magic Shield Exchange I Magic Shield Exchange II Magic Dagger Exchange I Magic Dagger Exchange II Magic Talisman Exchange I Magic Talisman Exchange II Magic Ornamental Knot Exchange I Magic Ornamental Knot Exchange II Magic Trinket Exchange I Magic Trinket Exchange II Magic Horn Bow Exchange I Magic Horn Bow Exchange II Magic Kunai Exchange I Magic Kunai Exchange II Magic Shuriken Exchange I Magic Shuriken Exchange II Magical Vambrace Exchange I Magical Vambrace Exchange II Magic Shield Exchange III Magic Shield Exchange IV Magic Dagger Exchange III Magic Dagger Exchange IV Magic Talisman Exchange III Magic Talisman Exchange IV Magic Ornamental Knot Exchange III Magic Ornamental Knot Exchange IV Magic Trinket Exchange III Magic Trinket Exchange IV Magic Horn Bow Exchange III Magic Horn Bow Exchange IV Magic Kunai Exchange III Magic Kunai Exchange IV Magic Shuriken Exchange III Magic Shuriken Exchange IV Magical Vambrace Exchange III Magical Vambrace Exchange IV [Combat Promotion] Mediah Trio Pride of the Outback Survival Guru Velia Fisher's Secret Growing Thirst Unstoppable Thirst for Power #1 Unstoppable Thirst for Power #2 Unstoppable Thirst for Power #3 Sample of the Living - Bashim Sample of the Living - Cadry Cultists Sample of the Living - Desert Naga Sample of the Living - Desert Fogan Unstoppable Thirst for Power #4 Monks’ Test [Co-op] Defeat Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption [Co-op] Defeat Karanda [Co-op] Defeat Nouver [Co-op] Defeat Ancient Kutum Small and Adorable Friend Bridle of Destiny The Silence of Adults Suspicious Move Leader of Altinova Suspicious Barbarians The Last Prince of Mediah Prince's Escort Sarma Anin's Letter of Reference Royal Insignia Taken by Shen The Incompatible Ones Kusha of Northern Mediah Dying Abun The Shen Merchants Guild’s Resources Blacksmith of Abun Villagers on the Road Half Barbarian Slaves Barbarians' Tyranny Black Stone Sought By Barbarians Until We Meet Again Tinya's Trust Mediah Merchants Guild A Town on the Verge Lost Woman Tracking Illezra Shroud Knights Reconnaissance Report to Sarma Anin Suspicious Obsidian Altars Scattered Shroud Knights Forbidden Book of Tarif Founder of Tarif Scuffling Letusa A Pitiful Story Brorum's Revenge The Dark Bautt Lithograph Secret Guards' Wisdom Ancient Ruins Excavation Site Guidance through the Ruins Worker Training: Ron Worker Training: Totenan Worker Training: Bully